Handmade puppy love リネンのワンちゃん。

I had an idea of making a stuffed puppy toy by combining linen and other fabric scraps.  I'm so happy that this puppy guy finally came to life :)


I couldn't make up my mind what outfit best suits him - so I ended up making his clothes two-sided!  This is the reverse side. As you can see, even his ears look different on this side. lol.


Puppy under construction... The word "puppy" is being hand stitched on to his body using running stitches.

ワンちゃん作成中。ランニングステッチで puppy (子犬)と刺しゅうをいれてみました。

Making my own pup was so fun to sew and fun to hug.  Now my wild dream is to create a family of handmade pups!!


Happy weekend :)


***Love, Amy***


Christine said...

I love the puppy especially how you embroidered the word "puppy".

Unknown said...

Thank you, Christine! Next time I think I will stitch the baby's name onto the puppy body to make it as a gift :)

Sam said...

Sooooo cute!!!! I love his floppy ears!


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