Kotori zipper pouch 小鳥のポーチ

Hello everyone!  

I'm so excited that my book is being shipped out this week here in the U.S, which is a bit early than the scheduled release date of June 1. 


To express my joy, I made a "Kotori zipper pouch" from my book. In Japanese, Kotori means little bird.  This is one of my favorite zakka projects, and every time I make this bird it makes me smile :)


 I usually make the bird's body with natural linen. But this time, I wanted to make a blue bird, so I used a navy linen for the body instead.  As you can see, the lining is bright yellow x white pin dots print.


I love making this Kotori Zipper pouch and I hope you have a chance to make one for yourself, too!


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Thanks for visiting and have a lovely Mother's Day weekend!

***Love, Amy***


amy said...

So cute Amy! My girls would love a birdie pouch. 😊

Mara said...

I love your kotori, in greece koto-poulo(polo) means chicken, pretty close.

Marci Girl said...

Oh this little pouch is so cute, I ordered my book and I should have it next week! So excited!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Amy, Mara, and Marci Girl for your sweetness!

Mara-How funny that a Greek word "koto-polo" and a Japanese "kotori" sound pretty similar and they both refer to chicken!!


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