Linen bunny and a crochet edged bib set ♪リネンのうさぎと、ふち編みビブのベビーギフト♪

I made this baby gift set a while ago, but I noticed that I still haven't post it yet... This is a handmade linen bunny and a crochet edged bib gift set, made specially by me to celebrate the arrival of my girlfriend's baby. 



The bib is reversible.  For the front side, I used my favorite double gauze fabric from nani IRO.  I just love the softness and the delicate colors of this fabric!

リバーシブルのビブの表側は Nani IRO という日本製ブランドのダブルガーゼを使いました。この生地のとても柔らかい肌触りと、なんともいえない微妙な色合いがお気に入りです。

The reverse side of the bib is a machine quilted linen. Soft cotton batting is sandwiched in between. 


The bib was made for a baby girl... but I wanted to use light blue instead of pink! :) 


The patterns of this linen bunny and the bib are my original.  

However... until I took a closer look at the above pic, I didn't realize that the bunny's arms are too long for her body??  I may need to shorten them for the next time! :P


I hand stitched the baby girl's initial in the center of the block...

The gift set was shipped to the happy family of three who lives in Tokyo. I hope the sweet baby "K" lives a long and happy life filled with lots of love, good health, and prosperity. We are so delighted for your arrival!

中央の「K」はベビーちゃんのイニシャルです。ご覧の通り、少々いびつな出来になってしまいましたが(苦笑)、生まれたばかりの「K」ちゃんが健康で幸せいっぱいの人生を送りますように・・・と願いをこめて作りました。 東京在住の友人宅の元に無事に届いたようで一安心です。

***Love, Amy***

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