My Mom's Crocheted Granny Blanket ♪母のかぎ針モチーフ編みのブランケット♪

My mom was visiting us from Japan over the past several weeks.  She left for Japan recently, and we already miss her very much.


While my mom was here, she continuously played cards with our girls night and day (our girls love playing cards with their grandma!), she slept a lot, ate a lot, laughed a lot, and spent lots of quality time with us, and...


She crocheted!


I call my mom a "crochet machine" simply because her crocheting speed is amazingly fast!  

When our oldest girl asked her grandma if she can crochet a new granny blanket using our girl's favorite colored yarns, we were not sure if that was all possible, considering that there were less than three weeks left until my mom's departure date.



Yet my mom tackled one granny square at a time, and the size of the blanket grew each day...


And it kept on growing...


Until she crocheted a total of 270 squares of granny squares (in less than three weeks!) Wow!


Again, per request of my daughter, my mom added this yellow scallop edging around the entire blanket to finish the project.


And here's the final result! My fourteen-year-old daughter can't be happier with how her blanket turned out. Thank you so much, mom, for your super speedy crochet blanket made with lots of love and care!!

Although this granny blanket was made super quick, I know that it will be treasured by my girl for many many years to come...!



***Love, Amy***

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Hiromi said...


Miaismine said...

I absolutely love your story about this beautiful afghan of love. As a grandmother, I can appreciate your mother's heart. What a wonderful woman! What a fine example she is to your family-to me as a grandma!

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies for your kind words♪♪♪


@miaismine- Thank you so much! Your comment will definitely make my mom very happy! Grandma + handmade granny blanket = perfect memory gift for grandchild. Hope you have lots of precious moments with your grand kids in 2014!

pratima said...

What a treasure for your little girl, warm and cute with lots of love. That is one special present from her grandmother. It reminds me of spring with cheerful colors and a very sunshiny yellow trim. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story of your mom's stay.

Unknown said...

Thank you, pratima, for your warm words of love as always! My girl is totally in love with this handmade granny blanket made by her granny. It really shows how special handmade gifts can be for kids, grown-ups, and for everyone ;D

Hope your week is filled with lots of happy stitching time... xoxo, Amy

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

It's gorgeous, what a wonderful gift! <3

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Nicole! Handmade gifts are treasures, especially when it's made by grandma for her grand kids!


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