Zakka Handmades is now printed in German! 私の著書のドイツ語版が出版されました♪

 Schon geZAKKAt?
Schon geZAKKAt? 

I am so excited that my book, Zakka Handmades, is now printed in German! It's available at Amazon Germany.  Unfortunately, I don't understand a word of German, but the word "zakka" printed on the front cover of the German print really makes me smile :) 

皆さんこんにちは!このたび、私の著書 "Zakka Handmades" がドイツ語で出版されました。ドイツ語版はアマゾン・ドイツにて発売中です。本の題名は、"Schon geZAKKAt?" です。残念ながらドイツ語はまったくわからない私ですが、本の表紙に Zakka という言葉が印刷されているのを見るのはとっても嬉しいものです。^^

Raindrops Tote from my book


Crochet-Edged One Yard Scarf from my book


Airmail Mug Rug from my book


And this is the original version in English.


Thanks for stopping by and happy zakka making!


***Love, Amy***


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Wow, that's pretty cool!! Congratulations!

Esther said...

Congratulations, Amy!
The title means something like "have you zakka'd yet?"
We Germans sometimes use strange wordplay ;)
Best greetings from Munich,

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies!!

@Alyce - Arigato! You are so sweet!!

@Esther - How kind of you to interpret the German title of my book in to English, which I had no clue what it meant! Ich danke Ihnen! Wishing you have a happy and creative 2014!


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