What you've made from my book - Kotori Bird Pouches ♪読者の皆さんが作った雑貨をご紹介(ことりのポーチ)♪

Hello my crafty friends! 

Today I'd like to show you what you have created from my book, Zakka Handmades!  There's nothing more exciting as a craft book author to see what the talented folks actually create from my book and patterns!  It's really an amazing feeling that make me fly over the moon!


Above collage: clockwise from top left  上の写真:左上から時計まわりで製作者の方々はこちら↓

And here are more lovelies to share with you...

Sweet patchwork birds by Elena of Elenitas.net!


Cute Kotori birds on the clothesline by Sandra of Sandra Sews!


Flock of colorful birds made by Katherine of Sew Me Something Good!


Wow! Thank you, everyone, for making these awfully cute zakka projects from my book!! I only shared your Kotori birds (little birds) pouches today, but I will definitely share other projects from my book soon!

My *kissing* Kotori pouches...
こちらは私の作った小鳥ポーチ。チュッしてます♪ 笑。

Check out my Pinterest board - Zakka Handmades: my book for more projects made from my book, and...

If you're on Flickr, don't forget to post your handmade zakka projects from my book to: Zakka Handmades - the book flickr group!


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***Love, Amy***

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Sandra :) said...

It's a bevy of birdies - a flight of flyers - a congregation of cuties! LOL what an adorable collection (thank you for posting mine!) - I bet I'm not the only one that bought your book specifically because of that most adorable project :) And not surprisingly, I have a few more ready to sew - that pattern is irresistible :D

Unknown said...

Hello Sandra :) I'm really loving your birdies and I know I'm not the only one! Thanks so much for making such an adorable flock of birds and taking a wonderful pic of them! Hope you continue to enjoy your happy stitching moments :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh how cute are all those little birdie pouches!!
Thank you for showing mine!
I can't wait to get back to making more out of your book! It is so FUN!!

Katherine said...

How exciting to see my little flock along with so many other pretty versions! I just adore this pattern Amy and am having fun gifting them to family and friends.


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