Embroidered flex frame pouch

This is another project that I worked on over the new year day weekend.  It is a pouch with flex frame opening.   Several weeks ago, I hand embroidered my initial "A" on to a piece of linen fabric and left it in my sewing drawer, not knowing what to do with it.  I almost forgot about it until I picked it up recently and finally I was able to make use of it!  BTW the pink stitches around the initial "A"  is supposed to be a shape of the heart, just in case you didn't notice... ; p

Close up of my embroidery work.  As you can see, I'm still a true beginner in embroidery...

Inside view.  Light green gingham check cotton print is used for lining.

Here is the side view.   I sandwiched a  fleece batting in between the outer and inner fabrics to make the pouch cushiony.  As you can see, the pouch  can stand on its own with the help of the fleece batting, and also because of its triangular shapes on both sides.

This is the back view (very roomy inside).

The flex frame I used is 12 cm wide (approx 4.75 inches wide).  I bought it in Japan for about $1 USD / piece last summer.


Sam said...

So very pretty! You make such lovely things :-)

Unknown said...

thank you, Sam for your nice comments, always! Pink is not my favorite color, but it's my girls' favorite color, so I tend to buy more and more pink fabrics, which means I tend to make more and more things with pink ;)


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