Patchwork box pouch and a tiny pincushion

I sewed up a patchwork box pouch, which I had been wanting to try for a long time.  (I have a loooong list of things I want to create by sewing, embroidering, stamp carving, patchworking, crocheting... and this was just one of them).

I used a 9 " zipper for this pouch, and it turned out to be a fairly small size pouch.  It's a little bigger than a size of my palm.   As you can see, I placed a brown cotton webbing at one end to make a handle, so that I can carry it around like a wristlet.   

Side view

Inside lining is brown

carry like a wristlet

I also made a teeny tiny pincushion for my travelling sewing case... This pincushion is made using my scrap fabrics and it's small enough to fit snugly inside the small mint can.

This way, it's safe enough to carry pins in my purse along with my sewing essentials.  And it makes good use of the empty mint can, too!


Sam said...

I love the pouch, and the little baby pincushion is so sweet! Your fabric choices are so lovely! You inspired me to buy some linen and I want to make either a pouch or a fabric basket (maybe both!) this weekend. I'm already thinking about what other fabric to use.

Have a lovely weekend, chick chick! xoxo

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam! I can't wait to see your next projects (with linen?) soon. Hope you have a great weekend, too, with lots of crafting time :)


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