Large fabric basket

I liked the little fabric basket that I made recently so much, that I made a larger version of the fabric basket this time.  The original fabric basket was made based on  the  Pink Penguin's fabric basket tutorial.

This large basket is made with a patchwork of eight 5" x 5" squares (Happy Campers charm pack by Moda) and linen, and the handles are made of cotton webbing.

Other side of the basket looks like this.

And this is the inside view...

The basket is really roomy, measuring approximately 14 inches (35.5 cm) in width and 7 inches (17.75 cm) in height, not including the handles.   I can put all of my yarns and crochet belongings in here to carry around in our house like this.

Or place a tissue box and a large bottle of body lotion inside like this.

Using some leftover fabrics, I also made these little things for my daughter...  Are these pincushions?

Not really... but actually these will be used as the "cushions" for my daughter's doll house bedrooms... Our seven year old really enjoys playing with her dollhouse, and these cushions will be a new addition to her house!

I hope these small people enjoy their new cushions, too!


ayumills said...

Thanks for sharing your cute fabric basket! I think this is the largest version I've ever seen so far but it's made so perfectly!!私も大きいのが作りたくなりました~♪♪

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting!! 小さいバスケットもとっても可愛くて大好きですが、大きいのも便利かと思い作ってみました♪ でもいくら何でもちょっと大きすぎたかな?笑。


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