Fleece PJ pants for kids

red x black scottie fleece PJ pants

My sewing machine is in the shop this week for a clean up and routine maintenance.  Since I can't use my sewing machine right now, I decided to post some images of kids' fleece pajama pants that I sewed some time ago for my girls.

By the way, this was the very first time I took my sewing machine to the shop for maintenance, ever since I got this machine for more than three years ago...  It took me courage to take it to the shop, not only because I already miss my baby : ( but also because it cost $90!! at our local shop to get it tuned up.  Is that expensive or what?! as my sewing machine's original price was less than $300...

Pink scottie fleece PJ pants

Red hearts and solid sky blue fleece PJ pants

All of the fleece fabrics are from the local Joann store.   On sale items or with discount coupons, I don't think I paid more than $5 to $8 per yard for these fleece.    And the pants patterns are from this Japanese sewing book, " Summer Wear for 110 cm to 140 cm Tall (Height) Girls". 

ISBN-10: 4834725618

Our girls seem to like these warm and comfy PJ pants.   And their mom like them, too, because fleece is always easier to sew (no worry for seams) and it's less expensive to make than buying new ones at the store. 

Our girls are growing up so quickly, stretching as much as 4 inches (10 cm) a year lately, and it seems such a waste to buy new pair of pants for them.  Once I buy a new pair of pants, they become too short only after a few months of wear... !!  


Sam said...

Such cute PJ pants! I love the cosiness of fleece too.

Coincidence - I think my machine needs a service as well! I don't know how much it will be, but last time (a couple of years ago) it cost $90 - I think that's roughly $80 USD. I don't know whether to bite the bullet and take it next week, or wait until Thing-A-Day is over in March. Decisions, decisions!

Unknown said...

Sam - Thanks always for your warm comments. And I found it quite interesting to know the cost of sewing machine tune up in Aussie, too!

Unknown said...

Hi, Laura from Italy! Thanks for introducing my blog in yours;) I just visited your blog and was impressed by the lovely felties! I love the Scottie dog pin, and oh, the food looks good, too!


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