Hanging tissue box covers

Here are my latest sewing projects - hanging tissue box covers.   The fabric used here are pink and white poodle prints from Japan.   The tissue box cover has drawstring opening, which is easy to use as much as easy to make.   These covers  fit the taller tissue boxes that we use in our household  (4 inches or 10 cm tall ).

Side view

I plan to hung these tissue boxes like this in the back seats of our minivan.   I got this idea of hanging the tissue box in the car's back seat from my dear blog friend, cocostitch's etsy shop.   Thank you, cocostitch, for the great idea! 

 And this is how the tissue box normally looks like in the back seats of our car... This poor little thing is stepped on and sat on and even kicked by our girls, especially when it's left on the back seats' floor.  I hope the hanging tissue box cover will stop the tissue box abuse by our kids!


saffiertje said...

i am sure to make one!

Unknown said...

Hi, saffiertje. Thank you for your comments. These hanging tissue boxes are a true lifesaver for our family...I can't drive my car without them anymore ;)


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