Round fabric baskets

Using my fabric scraps, I made these round patchwork fabric baskets.   These baskets are pretty tall, measuring approxoimately 9.5 inches or 24 cm in height.

To give you a better idea of its size, I placed a 500 ml / 1 pt 0.95 fl oz. water bottle in between the baskets.

Back view

The bottom is round... which was a bit tricky to sew.

The lining is pink/white and purple/white poodle fabrics from Japan (although this baskets are reversible).

Inside is quite deep

And what do I plan to do with these round baskets?  I will hung them in the back seats of our car, next to the hanging tissue box cover that I sewed recently.   Yes, I will use these fabric baskets as trash bins in the car, lined with the plastic bags that we get from our local supermarkets.

Hopefully, our kids will keep our car clean and uncluttered with this... at least for a while!

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