Quick gift to my friend

Few weeks ago I made this small pouch to my friend.  She is the mother of my kids' friends, and I had always wanted to make a small  thank you gift to her for being nice to our family. 

It took me about an hour to whip this up, and I was so glad because she seemed to like it.  I somehow managed to take these pictures at our kitchen table that afternoon (sorry for the not so good images).

I think that one of the best things about learning how to sew is that once you've mastered to make a quick project, gift giving becomes so much easier.  Before I knew how to sew (which wasn't so long ago), hitting the local mall was the only way for me to find a gift to someone!  Sewing saves a lot of time... and money, too, I think.

Lining is brown/white polka dots

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