Fabric Stuffed Christmas Tree Tutorial ☆彡布のミニクリスマスツリー作り方

Christmas is just around the corner and we still haven't set up our tree yet... 

In fact when we moved from California to Japan this spring, we got rid of our tree because we knew that we have no space to set up a big tree in our tiny apartment in Tokyo. So we actually don't have a tree to set it up... (sobs)

So what to do? I decided to make a quick holiday tree using what we have in abundance in our house... Money? No! Unfortunately! Fabrics? Yes, of course! lol

 So here's the tutorial if you decide to make a last minute mini Christmas tree for your family and friends. I know it's the craziest time of the year for everyone, so I promise I make it quick and simple! 



そこで今回は我が家にたくさんあるもの(←お金!ではなく、布です~。笑)を使って手作りのツリーを作ってみることにしました❣ 作り方は簡単ですのでご自宅にツリーのある方もない方もぜひ作ってみて下さいね。

What you will need:(材料)

Fabrics, poly fill, and 20" ribbon trim
Craft glue is optional.

布、手芸綿、50 cm長さのリボン、工芸用ボンド(リボンのほつれどめに)

How to make stuffed fabric Christmas tree (作り方)
(Finished size: approx 7.5" or 19 cm tall でき上がりは高さ約19 cm)

1. First download tree template here



2. Then cut out total of six pieces of tree patterns from your choice of fabrics - you may cut out trees from six different fabrics, or make it simple by using just one fabric. I used three different fabrics and cut out two tree patterns from each fabric (total of six tree patterns).


Note: Only five tree patterns are shown above, but you should have six tree patterns in total


3. With RST (right sides together), layer two prints together to make three sets of tree patterns. 


4. Using 1/4" seam allowances, sew around the entire tree, leaving openings at the bottom. Make small cuts at "V" area as shown.


5. Turn the tree right side out and push out corners. I like to use chopstick for this step (because we also have lots of chopsticks in our house!) but you may use a crochet hook, knitting needle, or any pointed object. Repeat for all three trees.


6. Layer three trees on top of each other. Sew straight line at center, from top to bottom, through all layers of fabrics.


7. Begin stuffing tree with poly fill from openings at bottom. Be sure to stuff all points. After filling, close openings shut using small hand stitches.


I used poly fill from local 100 yen store (dollar store). I ended up using one entire bag of poly fill (80 g or 3 oz) for this project.


This is how it looks like after the poly fill is packed inside.


8. Make a bow using ribbon trim and attach it to the top of the tree using hand stitches. 


9. Optional step: Dab a small amount of craft glue to both ends of trims to avoid frills. Let dry.


Your stuffed fabric Christmas tree is now complete! You may check out my Fabric Rag Wreath tutorial (blogpost) if you're interested in making the wreath  shown in below pic. 

布製ミニツリーの完成です♪ 写真のリースも手作りしてみたい❢という方はこちらの作り方→☆を参考にしてくださいね。布と発泡スチロールのリース型があればとても簡単にできるのでこちらもおすすめです^^

Now that the tree is done (sort of), I better start working on new year cards (we send each other new year cards in Japan instead of holiday cards)! Wishing you and your family the happiest time of the year from chilly and windy Tokyo☆彡



***Amy Morinaka***

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margueritedesigns said...

I love this!

Susan said...

This is SO cute! Thanks for sharing your Christmas Tree.....

Katherine said...

Perfect and adorable, Amy! Thanks so much for sharing this sweet design with us.


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