Scrappy Star Bento Bag for My Friend ☆ ミシンパッチワークでキラキラ星のお弁当バッグ作り ☆

You may recall those quilt-as-you-go scrappy star panels I was stitching earlier this month. Well, I made those panels into a bento bag (lunch tote) for a very good friend of mine who is currently recovering from health issues.  

先日ミシンキルティングしたパッチワークの表布2枚を使ってお弁当バッグ作りました。 現在体調を崩している友人に早く元気になってもらいたい❣との願いをこめて作ったプレゼントです。

As you can see, I chose cheerful and bright colors (mainly using Kokka's Irome collection) to lift her spirits up!


 I first machine-quilted these scrappy star panels then turned them into a bento bag (lunch tote).

表布はコッカさんの Irome (いろめ)シリーズの生地をメインに使ってミシンピーシング&ミシンキルティングしました。

The scrappy star block is from my original Scrappy Star Square Bag pattern, now available at my etsy shop.

今回使った星のパターンは、私のオリジナル作品 Scrappy Star Square Bag(キラキラ星のキルトバッグ)から。バッグのパターンはオンラインショップで発売中です(パターンは英語です)。

Free Japanese tutorial to make these bags are also available at Kokka fabric's website.


Free patterns available at Kokka-online site:

Scrappy Star Square Bag (キラキラ星のキルトバッグ)→☆

Stella Dome Pouch (5つ星のバッグ)→★

And the bento bag pattern is from my book, Zakka Handmades...


This lunch tote is a good size to store lunch, fruits, snacks, and a small drink inside to go out on a picnic on a beautiful day!



Besides the bag handles, I added detachable long straps to the bento bag so that it can be worn cross-body like this.

The bag was shipped out to my girlfriend with some candies and other goodies inside. I can't wish enough that my girlfriend recovers fully and quickly!! 



***Amy Morinaka***

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Edited to Add (追記)

Look! My scrappy star bento bag flew in to Grand Canyon, AZ, with the new owner all the way from Southern Cal, originally made by me in Tokyo!! So happy my friend is actually using my handmade bag and more than anything that she is recovering well! Yay♡


Quilt-as-you-go scrappy star panels & My free patterns at Kokka-online site☆ Irome 生地を使ってミシンピーシング&kokka さんのサイトで無料レシピ公開中です☆

Hello everyone from Tokyo☆

This week I finished filing our taxes (yes it's that time of the year again) and guess what I did as soon as I finished them! I ran to my sewing machine and frantically began sewing like a maniac as always! lol 


You see, sewing has been my best stress reliever (besides drinking...) and I know that it will always be!! 


 I stitched up two panels of  quilt-as-you-go scrappy star panels mainly using Kokka's beautiful Irome fabric collection. 

今回は大好きなコッカさんの Irome (いろめ)シリーズの生地をメインに使ってミシンで気ままにストリップピーシング&ミシンキルティングしてみました。

The scrappy star used in these panels are made following my Scrappy Star Square bag pattern.

今回使った星のパターンは、私のオリジナル作品 Scrappy Star Square Bag (キラキラ星のキルトバッグ)から。

These panels measure 14" x 11" (35cm x 27.5 cm).  I can't wait to show you what these panels will turn into... soon!

それぞれ 35 cm x 27.5 cm 大のパネルが2枚仕上がりました。これで何ができるのかはお楽しみです♪

Speaking of my original patterns, free tutorials of my original patterns are available at Kokka-Fabric online site in Japanese!


Free patterns available at Kokka-online site:

Scrappy Star Square Bag (キラキラ星のキルトバッグ)→☆

Stella Dome Pouch (5つ星のバッグ)→★

If you are interested in English version of these patterns, they are available at my etsy shop.


Happy sewing and have a stitchy kind of weekend my friends!♥♥♥


***Amy Morinaka***

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