Quilt-as-you-go New Laptop Sleeve (Cat or Giraffe?) ♪手作りノートパソコンカバー(猫とキリン)♪

Happy summer everyone!

Today I'd like to show you my new laptop sleeve that I made for myself. I selected various strips from my scrap bin and pieced them together with quilt-as-you-go method to create front and back exterior panels.


"Cat" block on the front...


And the "giraffe" block on the back!


Matching lining and the covered button in navy/white pindot prints.


Cat or giraffe...Which side do you like? 


***Love, Amy***

Adding crocheted edges to my Japanese *Tenugui* scarf ♪手ぬぐいスカーフに縁編みしました♪

I love adding crocheted edges to sewn projects because it simply adds that pretty touch. It doesn't take much time either :)


This time I added crocheted edges to my Japanese "te-nu-gui" scarf that I got from Kyoto, Japan, a few years back. "Tenugui" (teh-nu-gooy) is a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton. It is very lightweight and super absorbent.


Here, the edges are worked directly onto the sewn "te-nu-gui" scarf. The tenugui is so thin that poking holes using crochet hook is a breeze.  I only used single crochet and chains.


Once again, I worked in the car while I waited for our girls' activities... 


Adding crocheted edges was very quick and easy, yet I love how it turned out!


***Love, Amy***

Hair Scrunchies Assembly Line ♪ シュシュ大量生産しました ♪

Guess how many hair scrunchies I whipped up last week for our oldest girl's cheer team?


... A total of twenty hair scrunchies! (I made a couple more after shooting the above pic). 


My fourteen year old picked the fabrics for her teammates. Can you tell that she likes checkered prints and polka dots but dislikes florals? For some reason, she thinks that floral prints are for middle‐aged people (like her mom)!


I sewed and sewed...


Then pressed and pressed.  


While I made these, my sewing area literally turned into an assembly line of hair scrunchies!


All in all, I am so relieved that the order is now complete!


After making a myriad of hair scrunchies for the teenage girls, I decided to make one for myself. How do you like the crocheted edges that I added to my *special* version? 


***Love, Amy***

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Cute Pleats! Pencil Case Making ♪パッチワークのペンケース作り ハンドメイドギフト♪

I stitched up a handmade gift for my mommy friend who works so hard for our girls' cheer team. She is so nice and caring that I wanted to show how thankful we are to her!


It's supposed to be a secret gift so I'm hoping she's not reading this (which I'm pretty sure that she isn't! lol)


I used my favorite fabric bits and pieces to make this one.


As you can see, the pencil case is carefully folded to create "x" shaped sides. Doesn't the fold remind you of Japanese origami? (Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes).


The pattern is my original. You can find it in my shop.


Hope she likes my handmade gift! We'll see...


***Love, Amy***

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Half Moon Patchwork Pouch for my sister ♪妹に半円パッチワークポーチをプレゼント♪

Happy July everyone!

Here's what I stitched up for my younger sis #2 for her (belated) birthday gift. You may recall those patchwork placemats that I recently made for my younger sis#1, but this time it's for a different sister! Having many sisters keep me busy; that's for sure! lol 

下の妹の誕生日ギフトに手作りポーチを贈りました。先日、上の妹に手作りしたランチョンマットのセットを覚えていらっしゃいますか?こちら→☆  いやはや、妹がたくさんいると忙しくてしかたないですね。(苦笑)。

I made sure to include her fave lipsticks from M.A.C...


The zippers are hand stitched along the bias edge of the pouch opening. The pouch opens widely for convenient access.


Side view. Ribbon trim is attached to the zipper pull for extra sweetness!

ファスナー飾りにリボンを縫い付けました。 手作りギフトはこういう小さなポイントが肝心ですよね(笑)。

Bottom view. 


This pouch is made from my original  zakka pattern, Half Moon Patchwork Pouch.  You can check it out from my shop.


Hope she likes it! 


***Love, Amy***

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