Making hair scrunchies ♪最近作ったもの(シュシュたくさん)♪

Per request from our fourteen and twelve year old girls, I've made a couple of hair scrunchies recently.


The girls selected the fabric from my stash, and I did the stitching. Actually, I wanted to make these hair accessories more decorative by mix-and-matching the fabrics or adding trims to the edges, but our girls didn't like the idea of "excessive embellishment" suggested by their mom...


Instead, they liked it simple :D


 I used this braided elastic to make these scrunchies. This elastic is very durable and strong, which stands the wear-and-tear even after frequent wash (which is important for hair accessories making)!


All of these scrunchies were given away to their friends as gifts.


Hope the recipients make good use of them!
Happy hair scrunchie making♪♪


***Love, Amy***

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Half Moon Patchwork Pouch with Strawberry Bias Tape ♪苺のバイアステープで半円ポーチ♪

For those of you in the U.S., I hope you all enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends!


Today, I'm popping in to show you what I have created from this mini strawberry bias tape that you may recall from the earlier post...


Yes, I made a mini coin purse using these cute strawberry prints!  I stitched small "fabric label" to the pouch front for the extra cuteness :D


The mini coin purse is made from one of my newest  zakka pattern, Half Moon Patchwork Pouch.  You can check it out from my shop.

Thanks for stopping by and happy zakka sewing!


では今日もお立ち寄りくださりありがとうございました♪ では今週も、ハッピー雑貨ソーイング♪

***Love, Amy***

Entire zakka patterns 20% off in my etsy shop! ♪オンラインショップにて雑貨パターン全品20%割引実施中♪

To celebrate the addition of four new zakka patterns in my etsy shop, I am having a 20% off sale on entire zakka patterns in my shop! The sale ends Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, at midnight EST.

Use coupon code: ZAKKA20 at check out. 
(How to use coupon code: Once you've added item(s) to your cart, on the right, click "Apply shop coupon code" above "Item total". Enter the coupon code: zakka20 and click "Apply". The coupon discount will adjust your order total.)


ショップでのお会計時にはクーポンコード:ZAKKA20 と入力してください。

These are the four newly added zakka patterns in my shop (above image):


Half Moon Patchwork Pouch(半円パッチワークポーチ)→
Airmail Zipper Pouch(エアメールポーチ)→☆☆
Insulated Water Bottle Carrier(水筒ケース・ペットボトルホルダー)→☆☆☆
The Kate's Tote (ケイトのトート)→☆☆☆☆

You can continue to shop for the above zakka patterns, too.

Hope you have a chance to visit my shop ... Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!



***Love, Amy***

The Kate's Tote (from my new zakka patterns!) ♪新作トートバッグのご紹介(新作雑貨パターンより)♪

Happy Friday everyone! 

Well my plan was to finish introducing my last of four new zakka patterns here on my blog before the Spring Quilt Market  was over (which took place in Pittsburgh over the last weekend), but apparently that didn't happen with all the craziness going on in my life (my kids and my work especially)... So sorry for the delay, but I'm so happy to be back today!


このトートバッグ、名前はThe Kate's Tote「ケイトのトート」にしてみました。韻を踏んでていいかな、と思いましたがどうでしょうか…(笑)。

The Kate's Tote, is the name of this pattern. The tote size is perfect for everyday use (14"W x 12.5"H x 4"D). To stabilize the structure, tote exterior is made up of durable quilt sandwich - main fabric, fleece batting, and heavy cotton. The tote is fully lined.

毎日使いにピッタリのサイズです(幅35センチx縦32センチ x マチ10センチ)。しっかりとした作りにするために、表布は3枚仕立て(リネン混+キルト芯+コットンキャンバス地)にして全体にミシンキルトを施してあります。内布もついています。

For main fabric for the both totes shown, I used Garden collection by Ellen Lukett Baker for Kokka. I love the freshness and natural feeling of Ellen's designs.


Can you see that the both edges of tote's straps are embellished with pieced scraps? I'd like to say that this is the main focus of this tote! It's a great way to use up your straps to prettify tote's straps.


These sturdy totes stand on its own. 



Inserting magnetic snaps is optional. There are two exterior pockets and one interior pocket for convenience.


There are a total of four pages in this pattern, which include step-by-step instructions with clear diagrams.


The new patterns will soon be available in my shopCheck out below for the details of my other three zakka patterns released recently at Spring Quilt Market:

Half Moon Patchwork Pouch(半円パッチワークポーチ)→
Airmail Zipper Pouch(エアメールポーチ)→☆☆
Insulated Water Bottle Carrier(水筒ケース・ペットボトルホルダー)→☆☆☆


***Love, Amy***

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Insulated Water Bottle Carrier (from my new zakka patterns!) ♪水筒ケース・ペットボトルホルダーのご紹介(新作雑貨パターンより)♪

Happy weekend everyone!

This week, I have been introducing my new zakka patterns here on my blog and at Spring Quilt Market.  Today I'm happy to show you my third of four new zakka patterns... It's Insulated Water Bottle Carrier!

Check out here and here for my earlier zakka pattern releases this week.



 No I'm not attending Spring Quilt Market this time, but if you are, my entire sewing patterns can be found at Seven Islands Fabrics booth no. 2045/2145 at the Market.

今週末にペンシルバニア州ピッツバーグ市にて開催中の国際キルトマーケットでも私の新作雑貨作品ならびにパターンをご覧いただけます。マーケットに参加されている方は是非 Seven Islands Fabrics さんのブース(2045・2145)に足をお運びくださいね。

Fussy cutting "fabric labels" for the front cover of the water bottle carriers is my favorite part of this pattern :)  Be creative and make your original "labels" to embellish the cover!


The water bottle carrier is fully lined, and adding straps is optional.


For the batting, I used Insul-Bright to keep the beverage cold (or hot). 


 Drawstring opening are made with natural linen...


Boxy bottom of the Insulated Water Bottle Carrier. There are no curved edges to sew for this pattern; only straight stitching!


This Insulated Water Bottle Carrier fits most water bottles up to 3" in diameter.  Make one for yourself and for your entire family and carry recyclable water bottles to reduce waste, improve health, and to show off your cute prints!


There are a total of four pages in this pattern including clear diagrams.


The new patterns will soon be available in my shop. I will be back soon with my final zakka pattern introduction on my next post so hope you check back again soon! 


***Love, Amy***

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Airmail Zipper Pouch (from my new zakka patterns!) ♪エアメールポーチのご紹介(新作雑貨パターンより)♪

Here's my second of four new zakka patterns that I'm introducing this week at Spring Quilt Market... It's Airmail Zipper Pouch! My entire sewing patterns are available at Seven Islands Fabrics booth no. 2045/2145 at the Market so stop by if you're there!

先日の記事に引き続いて今日も新作雑貨パターンをご紹介させていただきますね。今日は2作目の「エアメールポーチ」です(新作雑貨は全4点です)。現在ペンシルバニア州ピッツバーグ市にて開催中の国際キルトマーケットに参加されている方は、 Seven Islands Fabrics さんのブース(2045・2145)にてサンプル作品とともにご覧いただけます。

Do you remember these fabric stamps from my earlier post? Well now you know how I made good use of them! He he...


Speaking of fabric stamps, you may also recall my Airmail Mug Rug from my book! This time, using my original fabric stamps, I designed zipper pouches for this pattern.

布製切手アップリケといえば・・・私の著書の掲載作品のひとつ「エアメールマグラグ(ミニマット)」でも使っています♪  手持ちの生地からお気に入りモチーフをカットして作る布製切手、一度作ったら楽しくてハマってしまうのです~。 皆さんにも是非お試しいただきたいです♪

Here's the reverse side of the pouch. The running stitches resemble the envelope flap opening. Small heart shaped felt sends love to the recipient! lol


There are a total of five pages in this pattern, including the full size pattern sheet.


The pouch comes in two sizes: Medium (8"W x 6"H) and Coin Purse (6.5"W x 4.5"H).


The new patterns will soon be available in my shop, too.  Thanks for visiting and stay tuned as I will be back for more new patterns!


***Love, Amy***

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Half Moon Patchwork Pouch (from my new zakka patterns!) ♪半円パッチワークポーチのご紹介(新作雑貨パターンより)♪

Hello everyone! 

I'm so thrilled that I'm finally able to introduce one of my four new zakka patterns to you! The new zakka patterns will be available at Pittsburgh Spring Quilt Market at Seven Islands Fabrics booths (# 2045/2145) if you're attending this week! 

私の新作雑貨パターンより Half Moon Patchwork Pouch(半円パッチワークポーチ)のご紹介です♪ ペンシルバニア州ピッツバーグ市にて今週末より開催される業者向けのトレードショー「キルトマーケット」にて販売開始します。マーケットに参加される方は、Seven Islands Fabrics さんのブースに足を運んでくださいね♪(ブースナンバー2045/2145)。

Half Moon Patchwork Pouch... is the name for this new pattern. The PDF pattern will be available in my etsy shop soon, too!


So now you know what I was making from that potholder-looking-log-cabin-patchwork from my earlier post! Ha!


The pouch comes in two sizes: Medium (6.5"H x 4"H x 2"D) and Small (4.5"H x 3"W x 1"D). 
This time I embellished the zipper pulls with these ribbon trims... Hope you like them!


The pouch opens widely for easy access.

Speaking of zippers... The zippers are installed by hand along the curved edge (traditional Japanese zipper installation). But trust me, it's not as bad as you think! In fact, I think you will enjoy stitching them by hand, following my step-by-step instructions with tons of diagrams ;)


 The pattern comes in five pages, including the full size pattern sheet.


No I am not attending the Spring Quilt Market  at Pittsburgh this time, but I'm so excited that my patterns and samples are flying in! My huge thank you goes to Seven Islands Fabrics for displaying my new samples at their booths (no. 2045/2145)!  

My earlier posts from Fall Quilt Market 2013 can be found here and here. I will come back with more new patterns this week so hope you check back again soon!

今回のキルトマーケットには参加できませんが、私の新作パターンならびにサンプル作品の数々はピッツバーグまで飛んでいきました! 私の雑貨パターンを世界の!業者さん向けに販売して下さる Seven Islands Fabrics さんには心から感謝しています♪


***Love, Amy***

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What am I making? From my new zakka project...制作中の雑貨作品♪

Can you tell what this is? 

No, it's not a potholder or a place mat...  Actually this is not a finished project, but rather it's a process image taken in the midst of making my new zakka pattern!

上の写真が何だかわかりますか? 鍋敷でもなく、ランチョンマットでもありません。。。制作中の雑貨作品なのです。

Here's the back side...  


And here's more hint...!

I will come back with the finished zakka project soon... so stay tuned!


* * * * * * * * * * * 

Off the topic... 

Here in Southern California, my favorite Jacaranda flowers are blooming everywhere!


Oh how much I love the lovely purple flowers of Jacaranda...

私は、この美しい紫色の花が大好きです。 今では日本の桜と同じくらいに。。。

It's the best season of the year, for me at least! ;)
Enjoy your week!


***Love, Amy***


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