Handmade door mat

We had guests from Taiwan staying with us for a while, and before welcoming the guests, the first thing I did was to whip up this door mat!  Our old door mat was getting so dirty from heavy use, so I definitely had to replace it with a new one.

To save time for quilting, I used pre-quilted fabric for the reverse side.  For additional softness, I sandwiched fleece batting in between the outer fabric (gray floral) and the pre-quilted fabric used for the reverse side.  Also to prevent the mat from slipping, a non-slip mat is placed underneath the mat, as you can see.

The reverse side of the mat looks like this.

Mitered corners...

As for the fabrics, I used my favorite DS quilt collection line from our local Joann store.  

 I don't even think that our guests will even notice my handmade door mat (lol) and despite the fact that I was in a big rush to make this one, I'm happy with how it turned out!

Thanks for visiting and hope all is well for my fellow crafty friends out there :)

***Love, Amy***

Rilakkuma mini tote bag

I finally had a chance to make this bag for my twelve year old girl  - a Rilakkuma mini tote bag. 

She has been nagging asking me to make this mini tote for her for the past few months, but because I had a long list of "sewing to do" list during the holidays and for my shop, her request got pushed back until this week...  Sorry, girl!

The Rilakkuma fabric used to make this tote bag has a canvas feel, which is heavier than the normal cotton.  I also used home decor fabrics (in navy dots) for the bag handles and bag bottom for reinforcement.  The tote bag is fully lined with fleece batting and interfacing for extra durability.  The bag has a zipper opening.

She plans to use this mini tote as her lunch bag. She even bought a matching Rilakkuma bento box (lunch container) with her own money to go with this bag. (The red plastic container placed inside the bag).

Today, she brought her brand new mini tote bag, with her lunch inside, to her Saturday Japanese language school.  As you can imagine, getting up early on Saturday mornings to attend Japanese school every weekend is not the most exciting thing for our kids (or for any kid!)    I always tell our girls that it takes effort to grow up being a bilingual person, but the hard work will eventually pay off when they grow up... hopefully.   (Fingers are being crossed... lol.)

Anyways, so on every Saturday mornings, I try to pack our girls' favorite lunch for their school.   Today I fixed homemade gyoza potstickers and rice for them, and  a new lunch bag like this one will hopefully make going to school on Saturdays a bit more fun  for them :)     Well, which means that I must make another lunch bag for my younger girl soon, too \*~*/ 

Thanks for reading and hope you continue to enjoy your weekend! 

Crocheted scarf with flower corsage

After working on it for the past few nights, I finished my crocheted scarf :) 

I used one entire skein of yarn to make this scarf (and the corsage), so it was a quick (and inexpensive) project.   You know, as a "fru-gal" (lol), I love something that doesn't cost a lot of money and that is also quick to make, so it was a perfect project for me :D

The scarf measures approximately 34 inches (86 cm) in length and 6 inches (15 cm) in width.

After going through several jars of my old buttons collection, I picked up two large buttons to go with this scarf.

Near one edge of the scarf, I attached one large dark brown button with yarns.

I also placed another large button (this one in light brown) to the center of the matching flower corsage that I crocheted.

The crochet flower has three layers of petals...

The button works to hold the scarf in place around my neck like this.

The handmade scarf keeps my neck warm and comfy (taken with my iPhone).   Simple crochet pattern chart of this scarf can be found here.

Thanks for visiting and happy crocheting!

Crocheting again

Hello everyone!  I'm happy to post about my very first project in 2012.  I just began crocheting a scarf using mix colored wool yarn (Patons classic wool merino).

It's a three day weekend here in the U.S. (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday) and for the past two nights, our girls' friends are staying over at our house for sleepovers.   When the girls giggled and laughed and played games and painted their nails and stayed up late together at night time, I started to crochet this scarf to enjoy my own time from the room next door from them and while I kept my eyes (and ears) on them...

Here's the close up of my new project.  I love the mixture of brown, ivory, pink, and dark pink colors of this yarn.

I got this (Japanese) crochet pattern chart from my friend a while ago.  As you can see, it's really a simple combination made up of chains and double crochets.

I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this scarf, but I'm hoping that I'm able to wear it before the  spring comes, as I have another scarf  that I started a few months ago but never be able to finish (unlike this one, that was a knitted project).

 So what's your very first craft project so far this year?

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year and Happy 2012!

I hope you all had a warm and restful holidays and a wonderful beginning of 2012!  Sorry for the long absence from this blog... I was out of town for the holidays, and now that I'm back in town and my kids are off to school (phew!), I am finally able to sit in front of my computer without any interruptions :)

Well, I haven't really had a chance to craft anything in 2012 (yet), but today, I'd like to show you some of the handmade Christmas gifts that I created for my family and friends in December...

These are gathered clutches made of imported Japanese prints.  I followed this wonderful tutorial written by talented Anna of Noodlehead

I love the design of these clutches, and I've always wanted to try this tutorial.  I'm so glad that I was finally able to!  I love how they turned out.

Back sides of the clutches.

I also crocheted a couple of gifts for the holidays.  As you can see, these are crocheted room slippers.  Here, only one pair of the slippers are shown, but I actually crocheted a couple of these for gifts.

Because I used these thick and chunky yarns of wool/acrylic blend, these slippers were fairly quick to make.  They were so warm and comfy that I made a pair for myself as well.

For quick gifts, I made a couple of these small zipper pouches.  I like to put some chapsticks or small hand creams inside these pouches as gifts to my girlfriends. 

I was in such hurry that I couldn't take pics of other pouches that I made (sorry!) but this one is made of Japanese imported Echino fabric with birds (my favorite).

I don't really make new year resolutions, but my wish for this year is that my family, friends, and all of you kind crafty fellows out there have a healthy and joyful year!  And of course, my another wish is to squeeze in more time to sew and to crochet again this year ;)

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a good weekend!


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