Featured in the Etsy Treasury lists

Over this weekend, I added more padded flat zipper pouches in my shop.

Just like any other items sold in my shop, the 100% proceeds of these zipper pouches, less shipping and handling, will be donated to the American Red Cross Japan Relief fund.

I am thrilled to announce that I've raised $136 through my etsy sales toward the Japan Relief donation, in just one week so far!!   Yay!!   Arigato everyone!!

As mentioned earlier in this blog, I will continue to create and sell my handmade items until I reach my initial goal of $500 for Japan Relief, and I'm hoping to further increase my goal amount if all goes well :)

I can't thank enough to those of you who generously support my shop, and for all of you readers and my dear blog friends, who continue to encourage me in every way for my fundraising efforts.  Thank you again!!

Also, I am very honored and blessed that many of my handmade pouches are featured in several Etsy Treasury lists.    Etsy Treasury is a comprised list of items that are sold on etsy, curated by etsy members.   What amazes me the most is that the etsy curators created these Treasury lists solely to promote sales of Japan Relief items, and they are not curated for profit making themselves.

For instance, my plaid bird coin purse is featured in "Relief for Japan" Treasury list...

And my floral bird coin purse is included in the "Help Japan AND get wonderful Art" Treasury list...

The red girly Japanese print padded flat zipper pouch is featured in the "100% Hope for Japan" treasuries...

And the red plum blossom flat bottom zipper pouch is featured in two of the etsy Treasury lists, which include  "the colors of my heart" treasuries and the "J is for Japan Relief" treasuries...

The red lamb padded flat zipper pouch is listed in "A Bear Hug for Japan" treasuries...

The growing leaves padded long zipper pouch in espresso, is featured in the "Japan Still Needs Help" Treasury list...

Both the colorful blocks padded zipper pouch and the pink girly Japanese print padded zipper pouch are featured in the "California Support for Japan" treasury list...

I am so grateful for the kind and caring souls from around the globe, who selflessly trying to support Japan in the wake of the recent natural disaster and the ongoing nuclear plant crisis...

I still feel helpless and effortless for not being able to do as much as I want for my country, but with the support from everyone, I will continue to do what I can do now at this situation.   For me, it is to make use of every little chunk of time that I can find during the day, to create and sew handmade items for fundraising purposes.   The best thing about it is that making handmade items for this specific purpose really helps me to mend the sorrow and helplessness that I've been feeling, ever since that catastrophic earthquake struck Japan a few weeks ago...

Well, thank you for reading this longer-than-usual post, and hope you all have a wonderful week!

Flat zipper pouches for fundraising

My sewing buddy (or my Brother machine) and I were sewing up a storm over the past weekend, making many, many zipper pouches like a maniac...  I made ten of these flat zipper pouches, currently up for sale on my etsy shop

Yes, I just reopened my shop!  And I decided to donate 100% sales proceeds of these pouches, excluding shipping and handling, to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund. 

The exterior of these pouches are made exclusively of Japanese imported cotton and cotton/linen blend.  Each zipper pouch measures approximately 4 inches x 9.25 inches, or 10 cm x 23.5 cm in size.  They are fully padded with fusible fleece batting.

As you can see, I attached a small wood bead using cotton cords, to the zipper pull of each pouch.

It's a good size to hold a cell phone, digital camera, and other gadgets...

Or to carry crochet hooks, a small pair of sissors, and yarn needles in one place...

And it's a perfect size to store pens and pencils, of course.

In addition to these flat zipper pouches, I listed these wristlet key fobs that I made earlier, on my shop.

Initially, I made these key fobs to donate entirely to my friend's upcoming fundraising event, but  I learned that there are still a couple more weeks until the event.   So, I decided to sell these online for now. 
(I will make more for my friend's fundraising event later).

Just like the flat zipper pouches, I will donate 100% proceeds of these wristlet key fobs (excluding shipping & handling), to the American Red Cross Japan Relief Fund. 

My goal is to raise and donate $500 proceeds to the American Red Cross, through my creations.  So wish me luck on sales of these items, and more creations to come!
Thank you for reading and hope all is well for my dear fellow crafters and blogger friends :)

More handmade key fobs for the fundraiser

I made more of these key fobs, or wristlet key chains, to donate to the fundraiser to help the recent quake/tsunami victims in Japan. 

These are the additional ones that I made last night.  
I wanted to make more, but I ran out of supplies...!!

Now I have to decide the pricing.  My selling price was $7 an item on my etsy shop, but I plan to reduce the price a bit, with a hope that more people would buy.

Thank you for reading, and wish me luck that these key fobs would find their
 new owners at the fundraiser :)

Key fobs for Fundraiser

Ever since the catastrophic earthquake struck Japan one week from today, I had been so worried and depressed, feeling helpless and powerless, thinking about the people in Japan and the continuing concern over the nuclear crisis.

Then, my girlfriend contacted me recently to let me know about the fundraiser that she is planning to have to help the recent quake/tsunami victims of Japan.

 Without any doubt, I immediately decided to join the fundraiser, and last night I made these keyfobs, or wristlet keyholders, for donation.

I plan to make more items and to donate the entire proceeds to the fundraiser.   At the same time, I decided to reopen my etsy shop soon to list more handmade items to donate the proceeds to the charity.

What I can do now for the quake/tsunami victims is very small, but  I hope that I can at least do something and not just to sit around and watch the news crying... :(

Thank you very much for reading, and please continue to join me to pray for Japan... Thank you.

Japan's Earthquake

As you already know, Japan was recently struck by a most powerful earthquake in the recorded history of the nation, followed by killer tsunamis, leaving thousands already reported dead and even more people missing.  At this moment, there are a very serious concern about the nuclear radiation exposure in the area, also.

During this very difficult time, I would like to thank every one of you who contacted me about the well being of my family members relating to the earthquake.   My family members live in Tokyo and Nagoya, and my husband's family also lives near Tokyo, which are all quite away from the epicenter of the recent quake.  I am grateful to let you know that all of the family members of myself and my husband's are safe.

And I'd also like to send a big thank you to all of you out there who has sent prayers to the recent earthquake and the tsunami victims in my home country, Japan.

For me, it's very hard to cope with this tragedy living away from my country. I cannot stop thinking about the quake and the tsunami victims of Japan, and the ongoing uncertainty and fear of the nuclear plant disaster over there.  I normally almost never watch T.V., but right now, I just cannot stop myself from watching the news about Japan whenever I'm home.  (In our house, we can view NHK, or Japan's largest broadcast station, to get more detailed information). 

Meanwhile, I had been busy with my kids health issues (they're getting better now), and my work (the tax deadlines!!), and I just couldn't find time and energy to update my blog, which may have added concern to some of you nice readers/friends about my family's situation in Japan.   Thank you very much for caring about us, always.

Although the death toll and the scope of destruction seems to mount every day in Japan...  I still feel that the Japanese people can overcome this serious disaster and to eventually rebuild the country, with strong will and wisdom, and with the support from people around the world. 

Thank you again for thinking and praying about my country.

Crocheted pouch with a doily flap

This is what I just finished making last night... It is a crocheted pouch with a doily flap.
I used 100% wool yarns and placed a small wood bead in the center of the flap.

When making this project, I first crocheted a simple pouch measuring about
5.75 in x 4.5 in (14.5 cm x 11.5 cm).

The bottom view.

Then I changed the yarn color and crocheted a half size doily on to the opening of the pouch to make a flap.

I lightly followed instructions from this Japanese book: "Small Lace Crochet Projects"
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-4834729627

Here are more of the beautiful images from this book...

Below, the pouch is sitting on my younger daughter's (9 yrs) palms...
She helped take pictures of the pouch.

I think I really like the natural look of this :)

Well, thanks again for reading, and hope you have a good week :)

Girls Day 2011

Today, March 3rd, is Girls day in Japan. 

On this day we celebrate to ensure our daughters' future happiness by displaying Japanese traditional emperor and empress dolls in our home.
This is how one corner of our living room looks like right now.

Our dolls may not be as traditional as it should be in Japan... but I still like to celebrate this day with our girls (and my hubby ;) by displaying our small dolls and crafts.

And something from the crafty side...

I embroidered my newly born nephew's name on to linen this week.
Here are some quick peek of it. 

Hopefully, I can finish this project during this weekend for the baby.

Happy girls day to you all!


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