More Patchwork *Gamaguchi* Wallets and Giveaway Winner Announced♥ またまたパッチワークのがま口財布を作りました&プレゼント当選者発表です♥

I made two more patchwork *gamaguchi* wallets or metal frame coin purses for my girlfriends. I totally forgot to take pics of two wallets together in one photo, but let me show you some of the images I stored on my iphone while I made these small handmades...

    You may recall a similar wallet that I made earlier on this post 😊



The metal frame is from our local 100 yen shop or Japanese dollar store. As you may already know, I'm a frequent shopper of 100 yen shop! lol


I packed up these handmade wallets, a couple of Japanese snacks, handmade floral cards, and more stuff then shipped them off to my girlfriends in the U.S. Hope they liked them!!


✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

And now, a copy of "Sew Illustrated" book giveaway winner is announced as follows. Drum roll please...

The winner goes to Monica who said..."I love the house pouch. It would make a great lunch bag". 
Congratulations Monica! A copy of "Sew Illustrated" by Minki Kim and Kristin Esser will be sent to you from C&T Publishing. Thanks so much for joining💕

前回のブログ記事でご紹介したアメリカの手芸本Sew Illustrated プレゼント企画の当選者の方を発表させていただきます。当選者はアメリカ在住のモニカさんに決定しました。たくさんのご応募とコメントありがとうございました

***Amy Morinaka***

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