Simple clutch made of Japanese *obi* fabrics ☆母から譲り受けた帯でふくさを作りました☆

Several months back, I made this simple clutch using Japanese *obi* or traditional sash worn around Japanese kimono. 


Here are the Japanese *obi* that were handed down from my mom. It took me some courage to make that first cut into one of these beautiful obi fabrics! Phew!


When my hubby and I attended our friend's wedding recently, I used this clutch to store monetary gift to the newly wed couple. (Note: It's a Japanese custom to bring cash to the wedding reception, wrapped in a special envelope as shown in above photo).


Simple clutch opened.


Gorgeous embroidery stitched entirely on the back side.


I'd like to make more handmade items using these exceptionally beautiful Japanese *obi* fabrics. Happy *obi* stitching!


***Amy Morinaka***

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Handmade Souleiado Tote Finished ♪ソレイア―ドのハンドメイドバッグ♪


I've always adored the simple and classic beauty of the Souleiado fabrics from Provence, France, yet I had difficult time finding them in the U.S... But now that I moved to Japan, I feel so lucky to be able to purchase these gorgeous fabrics at our local craft mega store Yuzawaya


This is the close up of Pre-quilted Soleiado "cheater" patchwork fabric that I purchased recently.


Shop front of Yuzawaya Kamata store. Lots of sales going on!


So I made a simple tote bag using the Souleiado fabric. After some thoughts, I came up with this tote pattern to add darts at the opening. 


Reverse side


 I still want to make some adjustments here and there to improve the design, but I'm pretty much happy with the outcome.

Well that's it for today... Reporting live from Tokyo, with 97 degrees and 70% humidity today (and it's been like this for a while. Agh! (-_-;)



***Amy Morinaka***

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