More eraser stamps

Eraser Stamps, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing.

This is what I did last night after our kids went to bed... I was going to stop (carving) after I finished the first one, but I ended up carving a total of eight small stamps (!) in about 2 hours.  Few.  I guess I was haunted by some stamp carving ghost or something to carve so many stamps at once (and this was still my second try to carve eraser stamps).   But I enjoyed it very much. 

Many of the stamp designs are from this book.    Happy stamp carving!


Sam said...

You are amazing, these stamps are great. I have a nice Japanese stamp carving book too - very inspiring. I wish I could read the words, but the pics are still wonderful.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam! BTW I noticed that stamping on fabrics (and not on papers) seem to hide the small nicks and flaws on the hand carved stamps (which is great). Just like any other crafts, stamp carving is pretty addictive, and I have tons of things I want to carve!!

Sandy said...

wow, those stamps are so cute! what kind of ink do you use?

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sisi. I used a product called VersaMagic Dew Drops, which are good for fabrics also. I make sure to press it with hot iron for about 30 seconds after stamping it on to the fabric, to make the ink wash proof. Happy stamping!


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