Aloha print water bottle holder

Today, I'd like to show you the aloha print water bottle holder that I made for my 8 year old daughter.  The fabrics used are chosen by my girl.

Hawaiian inspired fabric (from Japan)

You may recall that earlier this summer, I made this handmade water bottle holder for my 10 year old daughter. 

After making one for my 10 year old, of course, I had to make another one for my 8 year old, too. 
The sibling rivalry is pretty tense in this household, so everything has to be "fair" around here, which often drives mama nuts by the way...!

Made for my 10 year old earlier

Once again, I lightly followed the instructions from this Japanese sewing book.

Book title : Small Patchwork from Squares, Triangles, and Rounds
Publisher : Ondori-sha
ISBN-13: 978-4277490405
ISBN-10: 4277490409

The round bottom was a bit tricky to sew...
(Excuse me that I erased the name on daughter's name tag in the center ;)

Inside is all PINK!  And the bias tape is used to cover the raw edges around the opening.

Lately, it's starting to feel like beginning of summer here in Southern California, instead of the end of summer, with heat waves kicking in this week.  (It has been a really cool summer so far). 

The mama want her girls to be drinking plenty of water in this kind of weather, especially when they are at camps during the day ;)

Thanks for reading and hope you're enjoy your summer days!


Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

pink is also one of my favourite colour ! :-)
well done!


cocostitch said...


PY said...

What a lovely water bottle holder ! I love it .
I can understand the sibling rivalry you mentioned here. I have 7 sisters and 3 brothers.Just imagine how headache my parents were when we were young !

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for taking your time to leave such nice comments here!!

Grace - Our girls just LOVE pink so it seems like almost everything I make for them turn out in PINK! 

Cocostitch - そうなんですよ、うちはもう何でもピンクピンクで、特に夏の暑いときには見ていて頭がクラクラするくらい! ところで今日も暑くなりそうですがお互いに体調管理&手芸のやりすぎには気をつけましょうね(笑)!

PY - OMG I quite simply respect your parents (really) for having so many kids in the house!! Well, I'm sure all of you were such good kids and never had to fight for anything... Ahem ;) Even so, I mean, having just two kids is already handful to me!!

Yoshimi chan said...



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