Crocheted apple coasters

This week, I crocheted these apple coasters in my spare time, using some leftover acrylic yarns that I found from my yarn stash.

Yes, on top of the piles of fabric stash I own, I also own a few boxes of yarn stash... And this year, I am willing to tackle my fabric and yarn stash to use more and buy less...

Well, I guess I will still continue to buy some, but I will definitely try to minimize my fabric and yarn inventory level and to limit the re-ordering cycle.  Hmmm... am I starting to sound like an accountant?  Which indeed, I am! ha ha (lol)

Anyways, the apple coaster is a perfect size to hold this pretty blue polka dots mug cup that I received from my eight year old daughter.  She saved her allowance to buy me this cup at a local dollar store for Christmas, which was very thoughtful for her :)

Few years back, when I first self taught how to crochet (from many crochet books), one of my biggest hurdles was to learn how to crochet into round (like this one).

But after many trial and errors, now I've mastered how to do this without even looking at instructions.  I've been wanting to crochet since I was a teenager, and it took me some 20+ years to finally able to learn how, but I guess it's never too late to learn something new :D

Thanks for reading and hope you have a good weekend!!


Nima said...

wow..lovely coaster...

PY said...

Amy, these are so lovely!You are so good in crocheting now. The round shape is just too perfect !

Farah said...

So darling Amy... if I have them I ll decor them only... so cute

Unknown said...

Thank you, nima, PY, and Farah, for stopping by and leaving such encouraging words to me ☆ You are all so very nice!

BTW this apple coaster is made of 100% acrylic yarn, so it can also be used to wash dishes as kitchen scrubbies. In fact, it's very eco friendly as it uses minimal detergent ;)


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