Decorating baby onesies and clothing  ベビー服のリメイク

My younger sister recently had her first baby boy... and I've been itching to
make some handmade gifts to celebrate his arrival.

I have many gift ideas in my mind... but I haven't actually had a chance to
begin making any gifts yet :(  

Meanwhile, my sister asked me to look for any hand-me-down baby clothing that our girls wore when they were still babies, and send them over to her asap.
(They live in Tokyo).  My sis even told me that it doesn't really matter whether the used baby clothes are pink or blue!   :D

So, after selecting the "good" and the "okay" babywear from our storage boxes, I decided to decorate these *used* baby clothing to make them a little bit special for my nephew.

For this onesie, I machine appliqued my favorite Beatrix Potter fabric.  I love Peter Rabbit!

For this one, I appliqued these colorful pears...

Then I used this fun Japanese print of elephant and his cookie :)

This one features the Snoopy fabric... another favorite of mine :)

When I machine appliqued these onesies, I first backed each fabric piece with fusible batting.

Then I pinned it on to the clothing, then machine appliqued using either
zig zag stitches or blanket stitches of my sewing machine.

For these baby cotton cardigans, I used alphabet rubber stamps to make handmade name tag applique for the baby.

Well, after all, these are all *used* baby clothes... but I tried my best to make them personalized and fun for the baby :)

Aside from these decorated hand-me-downs,  I am still trying to make *new* handmade gifts for my lovely nephew, so I'll keep you posted...!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you're enjoying your *crafty* weekend
as much as I am enjoying mine :)


ayumills said...

Awww the applique on each baby cloth makes it so special and sweet! I love projects like this - used but NEW!

jean comeau said...

A little imagination goes a long way in giving new life to baby clothes.

Speckled Hen said...

These are indeed very special baby clothes - one of a kind!! The new baby will feel very comfortable, cosy and special wearing them. What a wonderful auntie you are!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind words!!
I hope the baby feels comfy wearing these appliqued "used but NEW" clothes... we'll see ;)


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