Where is my post?!

If you blog on Blogger, you know what I'm talking about.

 My earlier blog post titled "Yay! I reached my Japan Relief Fundraising goal! (and my linen pouch with flap)" mysteriously disappeared last week during the Blogger's down time and it never got restored... 

I was hoping that my post gets recovered like many other bloggers' posts, but it seems unlikely as of now... Oh no!! What a bummer!!

Actually, losing one of my blog post isn't that bad after all, but what I will miss forever are those nice comments left from my blog readers for that particular post.  I am terribly sorry to you kind folks!!  Gomen nasai!! (I'm sorry in Japanese).

Oh well, my post may mysteriously get restored again, who knows... But in case it doesn't, please excuse me that I am repeating the following info about my recent donation made for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. 

I wanted to let you know (again!) that I accomplished my etsy shop sales goal of $500 toward Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief donation!  The money was generated from 100% sales proceeds from my etsy shop.   Thank you so much to my etsy shop customers, my family members and my friends, and to you all supportive blog readers for encouraging me at all times. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Initially, my plan was to donate my entire shop proceeds to the American Red Cross for Japan Earthquake Relief, but I figured that it makes more sense to me to donate the money directly to the Japanese Red Cross through Consulate General of Japan Los Angeles, which I did.

I sent out a $500 donation check last week, and I decided to continue my Japan Relief fundraising efforts until I reach my next goal of $500 (a total of $1,000).   I will keep you posted on my continued fundraising efforts here on my blog :)
... And that was all I wanted to mention (or repeat, I should say) about my fundraising efforts.  Thank you for bearing with me!!

So, here is my handmade creation that I wanted to show you today.  It's a mini patchworked fabric basket made based on Pink Penguin's awesome tutorial.  This tute, put together by my dear blog friend Ayumi, is so easy to follow and a joy to make!

  I used fabrics from the Buttercup line from one of my favorite fabric designer, Darlene Zimmerman, to make this one.

I think this is my third, or even fourth time I make this basket, and it's funny that every time I make a new one, I want to make more!!  It's so fun and enjoyable to make these cute baskets :)

This time, I placed some chocolate candies inside the my handmade basket, and presented to my girlfriend as her birthday gift.

I hope she liked my handmade basket, as much as she liked the Lindt chocolates inside :)

Oh, and here are the linen pouches with flaps that I mentioned in my earlier (missing) blog post, just in case you missed it...

I like the combination of linen and the flower cotton prints.  It's my forever love combination!

Thanks for reading today's post and I'm sorry for the repetitive information for some of you who had read my earlier (mysteriously lost) post... 

I just hope that this post will not mysteriously disappear again... and I'm having my fingers crossed...!!

Thanks with love,
from Amy xoxo


Speckled Hen said...

Well done Amy! You are an inspiration!!!
Love your beautiful handmade creations as always!

www.sewrayme.co.uk said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Flickr, your creations are very pretty, these little purses are so sweet.

Your latest follower, www.sewrayme.co.uk

Unknown said...

I am so thrilled to receive not one, but two friendly comments from the beautiful U.K.! Yay!

Speckled Hen-Thank you, always, for your sweet and precious words! Your kind and warmhearted support really keeps me moving forward♪♪ You are too good for me!

Sewrayme-Hello and welcome to my blog! And thank you so much for taking your time to leave lovely comments here :)

ayumills said...

Congratulations on reaching $500 to donate for Japan, Amy-san! It makes me very happy to see what you are doing with your beautiful craftwork!
The fabric basket is sweet, and so are those little cases! Love the shape!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Ayumi!! I really LOVE your user-friendly tutorials, and this fabric basket is one of the best!! 何個作っても飽きることがありませんー。 今こうしていてもすぐにミシンに走っていってもう1つ作りたいくらい(笑)! 素敵なレシピをいつもありがとう♪♪ 

Farah said...

Beautiful Basket Amy I... really like the little simple patchwork and little pouches are really adorable
About missing blog post is something very amazing... I am sure it disturbed you a lot...
Hope you like to visit and love to feel the beauty and fragrance of flowers at

Sasha said...

I followed the link from your flickr picture :)
I love those pouches!! Too cute!!

gazimama said...



Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for sweet comments!!

Farah-Yes, I loved all the beautiful flowers on your post... It was so lovely, I was able to smell the fragrance from my computer screen (really!)

Sasha- Thank you so much for finding me via flickr! I'm very happy to hear that you like my pouches :)

gazimama- Thank you for your continued support!! 義援金目標額の$500が達成できたのはgazimamaさんをはじめ周囲の方々のあったか~いサポートがあったお陰です。いつも本当にありがとう☆ 次は目標1000ドル達成に向けて頑張りまーす :D

PY said...

Amy, your pouches are so beautiful . I love combination of linen with cotton flower prints too !

Unknown said...

PY, thank you so much! I guess we share the same taste in fabric selection, which makes me even happier!!


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