Flower shaped pincushions

Lately, I've been hooked in making these flower shaped pincushions.


I've listed a couple of these in my online shop, and I've also given a few of them to my crafty friends as gifts.

The pincushion comes in a compact size.  It can sit on my palm like this.   Fabric covered buttons are placed in the center of the pincushion, in both the front and back sides.

 The pincushion is filled with a mixture of poly fill (fluffy image in the above right), along with the 100% wool felt roving (image to the above left), to prevent needles from rusting...

 Pincushion featuring the Swedish *dala horse*  
This fabric is a Japanese imported cotton :)

Country apples pincushion with brown and white polka dots fabric covered buttons.

Each pincushion will be packaged like this when ordered from my shop.

What kind of pincushions do you use when you sew?


Mumbai Florist said...

Beautiful flower shaped pincushions, specially for guest room and car decoration.

Farah said...

oh Amy I want one like this. they are so cute simply adorable... I am sure they can enhance the beauty of my sewing table
please visit me if you can

PY said...

Very well sewn and very beautiful !

Z said...

I like the flower shape. Is it possible to make a heart shape too?

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for taking your precious time to leave lovely comments on my blog! I love receiving thoughtful comments from nice readers like yourselves ^^

Z of ZKNITZ- I've never tried making heart shaped pincushions, but it sure sounds like a really good idea worth trying for! Thanks ;)

Z said...

You're Welcome!


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