Crochet fishnet scarf ネット編みマフラー編み始め

Here's another crochet project that I started recently, while I waited for our girls' after school activities. (Waiting time = crocheting time for me :) You may recall that just recently, I finished this crochet flower chair pad during the waiting time.
娘たちの習い事の待ち時間中にまたまた編み物始めました。 つい最近も、待ち時間を利用して、お花の円座を編んだばかりです。 私にとって、待ち時間=編み時間です。

It's a fishnet scarf using thick and chunky yarns.  I'm not following any specific patterns for this scarf; I simply picked up a hook and some yarns and began stitching without much thought (my trial and error method of crocheting).

The fishnet pattern is so versatile that it goes really quickly. I hope that I can finish this soon... And I can't wait until my next waiting time! (lol)
ネット編みは単調で編みやすいのですいすい編めます。 次の待ち時間には完成させたいな。 待ち時間が待ち遠しいです。笑。
Thanks for visiting and happy crocheting!
***Love, Amy*** 

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