Happy New Year 2013!

From my 2012 creations, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing (amy).
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1. hand carved cherry stamp, 2. sewing eco bags, 3. tea time mug rug (front side), 4. baby gift set, 5. Patchwork lavender sachets, 6. Matryoshka russian doll reversible granny bag with wood handles, 7. handmade chopsticks holders, 8. Crochet flower chair pad, 9. Rilakkuma carrying pencil pouch, 10. iPhone cover in pink goats fabric, 11. Baby gift set for a baby boy, 12. matching iPad cover and zipper pouch for my sis, 13. crochet strawberries, 14. Patchwork flex frame pouches (quilted), 15. Sewing for the Orphans, 16. Log cabin patchwork and linen reversible everyday tote, 17. Japanese style bento bags (lunch bags), 18. Reversible baby shoes, 19. Mini drawstring bag with crochet bottom, 20. Cotton doilies, 21. Matching bag set, 22. cute key fobs, 23. Reversible zakka style cotton and linen bag, 24. Liberty of London Carrying Pouches with Ribbon motif, 25. iPhone cover with crochet doily flap
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From my 2012 creations

I wish you a very Happy New Year!Hope you have a great time ahead filled with love, laughter, good health, happiness... and of course, lots of crafting time!!

Despite living in California, we try to celebrate every new year in Japanese style, especially for our girls.  I spent hours in the kitchen during the last two days of the year end to cook these traditional Japanese style new year food, or "Osechi". 
Some of these dishes are too "traditional" for our girls (they like tacos and burgers you know), but I still cook them anyway because I believe that they are the centerpiece of Japanese style new year celebration.

Best wishes to my beloved friends for an amazing year ahead! See you again soon :)

***Love, Amy***


verykerryberry said...

Beautiful makes and beautiful food, everything looks so pretty as always x

Hiromi said...


cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

Happy New Year, my dear friends!

Kerry - I wish that you try some of these Japanese new year dishes some day! Most of the Japanese new year dishes are made without meat, so I think you'll actually like them :)


cocostitch - 今年はcocostitchさんにとってはますます幸せいっぱいの一年になりそうですね!引き続きお体を大切にお過ごしくださいね♪


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