Personalized gift set for baby Hajime はじめちゃんにハンドメイドのお誕生祝い

My youngest sis who lives in Tokyo asked me to make a handmade baby gift set for the special baby boy born to a good friend of hers.  According to my sis, the baby's name is "Hajime" (Ha-jee-may) which is a Japanese word for "beginning" or "foundation".

東京在住の妹に頼まれて赤ちゃんギフトを作りました。 生まれたばかりの赤ちゃんのお名前は元(はじめ)ちゃんというそうです。 とっても可愛いお名前ですよね。

While I stitched the baby's name onto my patchworked bib, I thought about the cute little baby boy who I have never met... And I wished that his life will be filled with lots of love, good health, and prosperity.

I used flannel for the reversible side of the bib. My younger sis likes the elephant print, therefore I selected this elephant fabric (although this is not her baby ;)
ビブはリバーシブルなので裏面には柔らかいネルを用いました。 妹はなぜだかぞうさん柄の生地が好きなので、妹の好みで作ってみました。(実際にビブを使うのは妹の赤ちゃんではないのですが。笑)。

Light blue x white gingham check print is used for the interior of the matching drawstring bag.


Embellished balls are attached to the drawstring ends...

According to my sis, the gift was well received by her friend and the baby :)
Now that this gift set is completed, I am currently in the process of making another baby gift set... this time for my youngest sis herself, who just had a baby girl (second child) earlier this month!  Which means I gotta go back to my sewing table now!
はじめちゃんのギフトを作り終えたばかりですが、今度はまた別の赤ちゃんギフトに取り掛かっています。 というのも、今月初めには、今回このギフトを依頼してきた妹自身にベビー(第二子)が誕生したのです^^  

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