Ayumi's Happy Hexagon Trivet  パッチワークでヘクサゴン(六角形)のポットマット

I made this "Happy Hexagon Trivet" from a truly unique and lovely sewing book written by my friend, Ayumi of Pink Penguin

手芸を通して知り合ったお友達のあゆみちゃんがパッチワークの本を出版されました。あゆみちゃんは Pink Penguin という英語の手芸ブログを運営する、人気ブロガーさんです。 今回はあゆみちゃんの著作本から、ヘクサゴン(六角形)のポットマットを作ってみました。

Ayumi's book, Patchwork Please!, comes with 19 patchwork projects, with several items that ask for paper-piecing patchwork technique.  The projects are divided into five sections - kitchen, kids, home, going places, and crafting - and  they are all so sweet!

こちらはあゆみちゃんの著書 Patchwork Please! の表紙です。本には19点に及ぶオリジナルのパッチワーク作品が掲載されており、そのうちの何点かはペーパーピーシングという技法を使う作品が含まれています。 どの作品もとても可愛いくておススメの本です。

This is Ayumi's version of the hexagon trivet. As you may already know, her choice of fabrics is always very original and one of a kind.   And more than anything, I love the design of this trivet! 

本に掲載されているヘクサゴンのポットマットはこちら。 あゆみちゃんは布選びのセンスが独特でとても洗練されていて、いつも参考になります。そしてなんといってもこのポットマット、六角形の形がとても可愛いのです。

Before trying this project, I wasn't really familiar with the paper-piecing technique, but by following the easy to follow instructions in the book, I was able to finish the project while enjoying every step of the way. 


 This trivet is made by sewing pieces of fabrics onto a paper.  It's like sewing a log cabin pattern, but into a hexagon shape instead.


I attached a loop at the top for hanging.


For reverse side I used the yummy cakes fabrics.


Making this Happy Hexagon Trivet sure made me happy!  For more projects from this book, you may want to check out the sew-along that is coming up.  

Thanks for visiting and have a happy week!

このポットマットの名前は「ハッピーヘクサゴン」。その名前の通り、とてもハッピーな気分で作ることができました。あゆみちゃんの著作本の作品の数々は近々、sew along(ソー・アロング。参加者が本の作品を一緒に縫うプロジェクト)もある様なので興味のある方はこちらをご覧になってくださいね。→


***Love, Amy***


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! You need to have a sew along with your book too this summer. I can't wait till I get mine. I'll have two great books with lots of fun projects!

margueritedesigns said...

I've been inspired by you and made a 'Sewing Wallet' for a craft swap, which I've just blogged about. Just thought I'd let you know! I so enjoy looking at your posts.

ayumills said...



etsu said...


私の引っ越し は5月8日に決まりました~♪

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies!! I can't wait to make another hexie trivet ;)

Debbie said...

This is so sweet! You did just an awesome job on it - so glad you are joining in the sew along!

Cat said...

This is ADORABLE AMY! how in the world did you get that teapot perfectly centered! and where did you land that cake fabric! did you put this picture on the flicker group?


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