Valentine Bird Wreath ♪ バレンタインに小鳥のリース ♪

Hello my friends!

Valentine's Day is approaching and here's what I whipped up to celebrate the day of love... a Valentine bird wreath!

皆さんこんにちは♪ 数日後に迫ったバレンタインデーのために、ハートいっぱいの小鳥のリースを作ってみました。

This little love bird is made of linen piece, wood beads, and a tiny scrap of feedsack wings... 


Base of this Valentine wreath is an inexpensive straw wreath from our local Joann store. I simply wrapped the entire wreath with hand cut linen strips. 

リースの土台に使っているのは市販の藁のリース土台です。近所の手芸量販店 Joannにて購入しました。全体を細長くカットしたリネンで巻きつけています。

 Actually, instead of making this Valentine's day wreath from scratch, I repurposed the linen wreath that I made a couple years back... 


Then I randomly wrapped the red/white checkered trim around the wreath.


The trim ends are secured to the straw wreath with a couple of ordinary sewing pins (as shown above). 


Then I decided to decorate the entire linen wreath with these heart shaped buttons that have been sitting around in my sewing drawer for quite some time. So glad I was able to make good use of these cute hearts (finally)!


Just like the red/white checkered trim, I secured the heart buttons to the wreath surface using red and white sewing pins.  (Note: These pins hold the buttons and trims securely to the wreath, but I don't recommend using them if you have small children in your family. Just a quick note from a mommy crafter!)


The bird may be flying in a bit tilted manner... But I'm still very happy with how this bird guy greets us at our front door!


Happy Valentine's day stitching!

*** Love, Amy ***

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pratima said...

It turned out very pretty with a lovely trim and perfect buttons to go with the Valentine's day! Your little bird is adorable! It sure brings a smile to anyone who is passing by the door.

Unknown said...

Thank you pratima! I love making birds from fabric and this one is no exception!

Hope you're enjoying your Valentine's day with your loved ones♥♥♥


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