What I've been up to... making of new zakka patterns♪ 新作雑貨パターン制作中♪

(Scrappy log cabin making)

Taxes are filed and the Easter is over... and guess what I've been up to lately?


...I've been squeezing in stitching time as much as possible during my work day and night, making new zakka patterns!


Unfortunately I cannot show you what I'm making now, but here are a quick peek of  what I've made recently... This one is a handmade bias tape using mini strawberry fabric.


...My original fabric stamps. 
Check out my book if you're interested in making these cuties yourself :D


Actually, stitching is the easy part.  I can sew all day long humming and smiling (if I'm allowed to do so). On the other hand, writing up patterns is a serious business for me and I try my bestest best to write up easy-to-follow instructions with clear diagrams. It's no laughing matter, yet I'm determined to share with you the joy of making handmade zakka with you! ;-)

My new zakka patterns will be introduced at Spring Quilt Market at Seven Islands Fabric's booths.  Stay tuned for more info to come!


新作雑貨パターンは5月のSpring Quilt Market(ペンシルバニア州ピッツバーグ市にて開催)にて、Seven Islands Fabric さんのブースにて展示・販売されます。詳細はまた追ってご報告させてくださいね♪

***Love, Amy***

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Ina said...

love that grey kitty! I also love your scrappy log cabin. I love to see traditional blocks done with modern fabrics. ;p

pratima said...

Exciting bunch of starts! Adorable Log cabin, yummy berries, cute cats and fabric stamps! Eager to see what comes out of them :)
And Thank you for all the hard work to give us irresistible Zakka patterns!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I am sure your latest patterns will be well received at Spring Market! Love the sweet fabrics you have used - can't wait to see more.

amy said...

LOVE it all!!! I can't wait to see what you've been up to!


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