Hair Scrunchies Assembly Line ♪ シュシュ大量生産しました ♪

Guess how many hair scrunchies I whipped up last week for our oldest girl's cheer team?


... A total of twenty hair scrunchies! (I made a couple more after shooting the above pic). 


My fourteen year old picked the fabrics for her teammates. Can you tell that she likes checkered prints and polka dots but dislikes florals? For some reason, she thinks that floral prints are for middle‐aged people (like her mom)!


I sewed and sewed...


Then pressed and pressed.  


While I made these, my sewing area literally turned into an assembly line of hair scrunchies!


All in all, I am so relieved that the order is now complete!


After making a myriad of hair scrunchies for the teenage girls, I decided to make one for myself. How do you like the crocheted edges that I added to my *special* version? 


***Love, Amy***

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pratima said...

That is a lot of scrunchies to make at one time! So pretty and colorful, perfect for teenage girls! I love the delicate crochet detail on yours and the purple checks too!

Unknown said...

Thank you Pratima! I've made waaay too much hair scrunchies for our girls and their friends over the years but I never get tired of making them! They're quick, easy, and useful... everything what I look for in handmade zakka ;D

Kathy said...

I love these Amy. How did you get the elastic inside? I am not seeing how to do that.


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