Bibs for the baby

My girlfriend's baby shower is coming up, and I made two tiny bibs for the new baby to come.   We don't have a baby in our house, so I borrowed my daughter's build-a-bear to be the model to wear these bibs today :)

The light blue x white gingham/polka dot bib is made by my sewing machine previously, and I added a simple hand embroidery work to the pocket part.

Here are the close up

The bib opens by a snap button.

My girlfriend has lived in Hawaii before, so I thought Aloha bib will be another good choice for her baby.  And this one is stitched by hand only.

 Soft and plush minky fabric are used for the back side of both bibs.

For embroidering, I used these embroidery threads called "LETO" that I purchased online recently from Clover-USA. I think in Japan, these LETO threads are sold under the MOCO brand name and are very popular over there. Just FYI, these threads are on close-out sale right now, and it's only USD $5.00 for 20 packs of LETO threads assortments (each thread measures 10 m or 10.9 yards). They come with dark and light color assortments and  I think it's really good value for this price.

Hope the new mom likes these bibs!


Sam said...

I'm sure they will be much loved! Beautiful work again :-)

Mel G said...

Thank you for the info on the embroidery threads. I just placed an order!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam! And you did an awesome job on your latest fortune teller embroidery work!!

Unknown said...

Hi, Mel G, and I hope you like the embroidery threads... Enjoy!

cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

Hi, cocostitch! 刺しゅうはとても楽しくて好きなのですが、何といってもまだまだビギナーで、(刺しゅうの)表側はともかく、裏側はとてもお見せできたものじゃないんです~。 今回の Hello! とクマの顔の刺しゅうの裏側も結構ボロボロなのよ~。まだまだ修行が必要ですわ!

cheetah said...

I'm having trouble with snap button. I want to put it on my baby's diapers manually, cos the shop assistant told me it is easy and it needs hammer only. But it's not easy for me!!! Could you show me how you did it? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi, cheetah, I used the sew-on type snaps, just to make it extra sturdy for the everyday use. (I did not use the one that needs a hammer!)


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