Do you know Moomin?? ムーミンの消しゴムはんこ

I carved an eraser stamp of Moomin, a Finnish character from my favorite T.V. cartoon series.   I used to watch the Moomin cartoon series in T.V., back in Japan when I was little, and I just loved it!  

Moomin lives in the Moomin Valley, in the forests of Finland.    For a long time, I thought Moomin (the white hippo looking guy in the above image) was indeed a hippo, or even a gigantic horse or a donkey - but I recently learned that he belongs to a family of trolls!

The story of Moomin is written and illustrated by Swedish-Finn illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. 
 The Japanese cartoon series of Moomin was very popular in Japan when I was growing up (below image).

I recently found these Moomin candies at a local Japanese grocery store.   Inside the tin can are some colorful candies in different fruit flavors.  Yum!

I also found some Moomin images in this Japanese embroidery book that I own.

"Small Embroidery from Scandinavia"
ISBN-10: 4834728021
ISBN-13: 978-4834728026

Oh, the Moomins... so lovely and nostalgic!


Hiromi said...

I have a can of Moomin candy too. I remember I was thinking Moomins are hippos like you when I was a little girl. After years I got a homework to translate Tove Jansson's book and I found out they are trolls. I wish I could watch the TV series with my daughter now.

Jessica said...

I also know the Moomins! We used to watch them years ago here in the UK so it looks like they were popular all over :-)

PY said...

Oh! Amy, I really LOVE your Moomin. You did a great job , it is so cute and lovely !

The images inside the book are fabulous ! Are they in your "list to do " projects ?

cocostitch said...

可愛い!!! それに尽きますね!!

gazimama said...


Anonymous said...

I remember watching the Moomins as a child and somewhere I have a very battered paperback moomin storybook....maybe its time to find it and read it to my daughter!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for taking your time to comment here! I'm so happy to hear that we all love Moomins :)


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