Fabrics, and more!

Look what I've got over the weekend... yes, more fabrics!  Our local fabric store was having a fabric remnants sale and I got these fabrics for $1 each.  I think that most, if not all, of these fabrics are imported from Japan.  Some of these remnants are in fat quarter sizes, and some are smaller in size.   I washed and pressed all fabrics (which is my favorite part) and they're ready to be sewn!

And let me show you what I got from a generous and talented crafter from Singapore, Wynn, of zakkaart...

Yes! I won her giveaway (for the first time in my life)!

She sent me all of these goodies to me (in Southern California) all the way from Singapore... Thanks, Wynn, for the postage!

Beautiful fabrics.  I especially love the floral print on the top.

Buttons, ribbons, and more

Pastel colored yarns

Thanks, Wynn, for your generosity.  I can't wait to make use of all the goodies you sent me :)

And... last but not least, I have another exciting news to share with you.  
My previous eraser carving post (below) was introduced in the "5 Great Finds" by Meeks of Juggling Motherhood blog!!   Her blog is very informative and fun, so please go visit her blog if you have a chance.  Domo arigato, Meeks, for having me in your post! You made my day ;)

My Hand carved eraser post that was featured

Well, thanks for reading, and hope you have a great week!


Meeks said...

I'm so glad I made your day! It's so wonderful when we can all share our talents with each other!
Congrats on winning a give away too!

Unknown said...

Meeks, thanks again for posting my eraser stamps on your beautiful blog! I feel so happy and honored :)

Wynn Tan said...

i'm glad you like everything! I just reorganised my stash. & I think I found some fabric u might like! ^__^

cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

Wynn - thanks again for your generosity and kindness! Yes, I'm loving everything you had sent me :)

Unknown said...

cocostitchさん、そうです~今回の布も例の日系のお店にて購入しました。しかし、私が血眼になって布をあさっていた姿が目に浮かぶとは、cocostitchさん、さすが~。まさにその通りで、布ショッピング帰宅後はしばらく疲労感で何も手につかなかったほど…笑。Echino の布は定価で買えば高価な布だと思うので何を作ろうか?今から妄想ふくらませています。クッションカバーも良い案ですね!


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