My new tote (IKEA fabric)

Using one of the fabrics that I got from the IKEA store recently, I made a new tote for myself.   I finished the bag on Saturday night, and I began using the bag from Sunday morning!  

I know, I know, I have too many handmade bags and totes already, but I just can't help it, because I love making bags using my favorite fabrics :)

From my recent IKEA fabric purchase. 
These are all canvas weight fabrics, which are great to make tote bags.

When I was organizing my sewing drawers, I found few *tags* that I had purchased a while ago but forgotten about it. 

So I attached one of the *tags* on to the outer pocket of the tote.  Flower motifs and French words are printed on the tag, but I have no idea what it says... :D

Close up of the outside pocket area

This is the bag bottom.  For my first attempt, I inserted a plastic bottom plate between the outside and the inside bag to retain the shape of the tote.

The bottom plate of the bag does not show in this image, but can you tell from the boxy shape of the bag bottom?

The tote is reversible.  For inside, I used 100% linen fabric in navy.

Then, I stamped my favorite stamp on to the inside pocket ...

Pocket area close up, with the stamp sewn on.

I think this IKEA fabric costs about $8 - $9 per yard.  And I used a little more than half a yard to make this tote.

This fabric design is very simple yet original, and I really like how this tote turned out :)

Well, I'm sure you all know by now, but I just love to sew, and no matter how much I sew, I just can't get enough of it... :P

Sewing just makes me happy :)


PY said...

Your beautiful canvas weight fabric is perfect for making such tote ! The plastic plate creates structure in the bag base, making it looks so sturdy . Love it!

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY! Yes, the plastic plate really keeps the bag sturdy and in shape. And BTW I just checked your patchworked mini purse and is so cute :)

Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

Yes I do love ikea fabric... :D


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