Pink terrier pencil case

My 10 year old is invited to her friend's birthday party, and so I made a gift to the birthday girl.  The girl is turning ten in early August.

This time, I had the birthday girl select her favorite fabric from my stash.
And using the pink terrier fabric that she selected, I made a pencil pouch with handles/small bag. 

I think I've made way more than twenty of these pencil pouches already for my girls and their friends, and it seems like most of our girls' friends own one of these pouches.  It just makes me smile when I see our girls' friends using my handmade pouches when they visit our house :)

Here is the side view.
Attached to the zipper opening are (toy) beads on a chain.

It can hold many many pencils, pens, erasers, and other small goodies inside.

My daughter plans to put some necklace, etc. inside this pouch as additional gift.

Hope the girl likes the gift ;)


Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

Hi Amy, i share the feeling of pride when you see someone using your handmandes, what is nice feeling isn't it? hehe..
Do you use batting or interliner between the fabric fo the pouch?


Tempest Ahoy said...

Looks great as always, I love the girliness and loveliness.

PY said...

What a satisfaction to have more than twenty girls using such pencil cases sewn by you ! Wow ! :)

gazimama said...

こんにちは。私はピンクと黒の組み合わせが大好きです。おしゃれ。今日Back to school用の買い物行きましたがつまらない同じペン入れしかなかったです。きっと娘さんのお友達すごーーく嬉しいでしょうね。ナイスアイディアです!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, all your comments really cheer me up :)

Grace - Yes, I use fleece batting between the fabrics when I whip up this pouch. I think fleece batting is the best for these pouches :)

Tempest Ahoy - I hope the birthday girl likes the girliness of this pouch, too!

PY - I think I need to come up with more *girly* gift items for our girls' friends soon... any ideas?

gazimama - いつもコメありがとう。ところでそろそろ日本ですよね?いいなーー。日本では熱中症!に気をつけて、里帰りをエンジョイしてきてね♪ また戻ったらお話聞かせてね!


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