Cool summer & the crochet + fabric drawstring bag

Hello, my fellow crafters and bloggers!

It took a few extra weeks for our sunflowers to bloom this year, because of the strangely cool summer that we've been experiencing here in Southern California.  In fact, it has been downright cold, especially at night and early morning (going down as low as 60 F, or around 15 C) in August!

But the weather is finally starting to warm up this week, which is wonderful.

Anyways... here is something that I've made recently. 
Crochet + fabric drawstring bag.

The pale blue floral fabric (my favorite) is used for the outer bag.

I purchased this fabric online as Cath Kidston fabric, but I'm not sure if it's a genuine Cath fabric or not... because it arrived from Asia, and not from England!  lol

Inner bag and the bag opening area is red/white polka dots.

And the bag bottom is made of crocheted piece.

I simply started with 40 chains, then double crocheted ten rows of cotton yarn to make this patch.  Then I "sewed" the crocheted piece together with other fabrics with the sewing machine, as I normally do with making any other bags.

Image of the crocheted piece.  Sorry, it's a bit wonky!

This drawstring bag is a perfect size to carry many of the necessities...

I love to crochet and I love to sew, so this bag is a great combination of two of my favorite crafting activities :)

Thanks for reading, and hope you continue to enjoy your summer days!


cocostitch said...



Unknown said...

Hi, cocostitch! この夏はカリフォルニアは涼しすぎて変なお天気続きですよね。 ところで今回の巾着に使った表布は Cath なのかどうかすごーく怪しいのです、もちろん私は本物だと思ってネット購入したのですが…。 ま、本物でも偽物でも、好きな柄なのでどんどん使っていこうと思っていますが!

PY said...

I love your beautiful sunflowers ! Your drawstring bag is lovely. I love the fabric you used.

Michelle said...

A lovely little bag- great for recycling unused crochet pieces as well. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

PY - Yes, I love our sunflowers - they make me happy every time I see them :)

Michelle - Thanks for your nice comments. And I love your idea of making produce bags from recycled fabrics. So practical and eco-friendly! I'd like to try making them, too ;)


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