Crocheted pouch with a doily flap

This is what I just finished making last night... It is a crocheted pouch with a doily flap.
I used 100% wool yarns and placed a small wood bead in the center of the flap.

When making this project, I first crocheted a simple pouch measuring about
5.75 in x 4.5 in (14.5 cm x 11.5 cm).

The bottom view.

Then I changed the yarn color and crocheted a half size doily on to the opening of the pouch to make a flap.

I lightly followed instructions from this Japanese book: "Small Lace Crochet Projects"
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-4834729627

Here are more of the beautiful images from this book...

Below, the pouch is sitting on my younger daughter's (9 yrs) palms...
She helped take pictures of the pouch.

I think I really like the natural look of this :)

Well, thanks again for reading, and hope you have a good week :)


karuski said...

I stumbled here via Flickr.
What a sweet little purse! Japanese craft books are a great source of inspiration, I love them too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! you are totally awesome!! That is so adorable! I've got to get me some of these books :) You are having way too much fun.hah.a.ha.a

♥ maaria said...

Another super cutie! Love it!

Wendy said...

Oh what a cute little pouch! I wish I could read crochet charts so I could dip into some of the Japanese patterns around.

Jean said...

This is so beautifully done!! Love It :)

Farah said...

Cutest Amy..... although I cant crochet and difficult to give it a try but its so cute that I am envoy of it. very lovely...
Hope you will enjoy your visit if you can spare a little bit to see some napkin folds

PY said...

Amy,this pouch is just too beautiful.!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your lovely comments!!

Wendy, re: Japanese crochet charts, I found this site online, which seems like a very helpful resource. Good luck and happy crocheting :)

Unknown said...

Amy, deseo que su familia y amigos estén bien. Siento que su pais este pasando por este duro momento. Mi pensamiento está con todas las gentes de Japón.

Z said...

Very cute!

I have this one book, about crocheting jewelry. Some really beatiful pictures. It's all in Japanese though.


Daiva said...

Very simple and cute.


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