2 way tote bag

Hello!  I am back in town from our family trip and our kids are back in school from today, after one week of spring break.   My online shop is now open, too :)

Well today, I'd like to show you this 2 way tote bag that I whipped up for my younger sister who recently had a baby boy in January...

I call it a "2 way tote" because this bag can be used as a regular tote bag (with two bag handles), or it can be carried as a shoulder bag/messenger bag (using the attached long strap).

From my experience, I know that new moms need to carry TONS of baby stuff in their bag... and I thought it would be convenient if one bag can be used both ways as tote bag and a shoulder/messenger bag.

Side view

I added a small *tree* tag on the side of the bag exterior...

 I used this polka dots fabric for the bottom of the tote (home decor weight).

This is the reversible side of the bag.  Both the floral print and the blue polka dots print fabrics are soft flannel.

This 2 way bag is pretty roomy.   As you can see here, 2 half gallons of milk (1.89 liters each) can be easily packed into the bag.

The exterior elephant fabric is one of my favorite.  It is a sturdy home decor fabric that is thick and strong.
Hope my sis likes the tote!

And here is just a few updates from my online shop...

I've added more padded flat zipper pouches in my shop. These pouches are all made of quality Japanese imported fabrics, and are fully padded with fusible fleece.   9 inch (23cm) zipper is used for the opening.

As of tonight (4/11/2011), I've raised $280 from my shop's sales proceeds, which I plan to donate 100% to the American Red Cross Japan Relief.  I will continue my fundraising efforts until I reach my initial goal of $500 in sales proceeds.   

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and thank you so much for supporting Japan Relief!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week :)


Anonymous said...

Your sister will love her bag! I like the idea of a flannel side too.

Ruth said...

I love that little tree tag! Too cute!

Z said...

What a generous idea.

I have a feeling you will make your goal and even exceed it.

The bag is lovely. And looks extremely roomy.

Speckled Hen said...

You are doing a fantastic job Amy!! Great admiration to you!!
I like this 2 way tote - it looks so cute and so practical. Your workmanship is second to none - they are admired and appreciated by me and my circles...smile...

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jeannie, Ruth, Z of ZKNITS, and Speckled Hen, for you heartwarming comments!!

Your encouragements really keeps me going, and I will continue to create and blog, which I love... Hugs to you wonderful ladies!!


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