Crocheting again

Hello everyone!  I'm happy to post about my very first project in 2012.  I just began crocheting a scarf using mix colored wool yarn (Patons classic wool merino).

It's a three day weekend here in the U.S. (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday) and for the past two nights, our girls' friends are staying over at our house for sleepovers.   When the girls giggled and laughed and played games and painted their nails and stayed up late together at night time, I started to crochet this scarf to enjoy my own time from the room next door from them and while I kept my eyes (and ears) on them...

Here's the close up of my new project.  I love the mixture of brown, ivory, pink, and dark pink colors of this yarn.

I got this (Japanese) crochet pattern chart from my friend a while ago.  As you can see, it's really a simple combination made up of chains and double crochets.

I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this scarf, but I'm hoping that I'm able to wear it before the  spring comes, as I have another scarf  that I started a few months ago but never be able to finish (unlike this one, that was a knitted project).

 So what's your very first craft project so far this year?

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