Chopsticks and cutlery holders in my shop

Can you tell what these are?

These are traditional Japanese style chopstick holders, made with zakka taste.  These are eco-friendly and easy to use items that are now listed in my shop.

These holders can hold not only the chopsticks, but also forks and spoons, to help cut back on the use of those disposable chopsticks and plastic cutlery out there.

My hubby brings bento (lunch box) to work everyday, and he brings his own chopsticks to work with this holder.  Can you see the hopping bunny guy in his chopstick holder above?

Well, a hopping bunny may be too cute for a middle aged Japanese man... But that's okay, because he doesn't even notice about the bunny even after using it for a few weeks now! lol!

Anyways, the design of these holders are very unique.  As you can see from the photo, one side of the holder is left open to fit chopsticks/cutlery of various lengths. 

In the image, a standard size chopsticks of 9 inches (22.5 cm) long are shown.

It works like this.  The chopsticks/cutlery are placed inside the pocket (left end of the triangle above), then the opposite side (right end of the triangle) is folded inward.

Then the holder is rolled up tightly and the cords are wrapped around.

Finally, tuck the cute embellished ball under the cords.   Then it's ready to go!

The back side of the holder looks like this. 

The embellished ball is sewn at the cord ends. It is filled with small amount of poly fill.

I designed the case slightly oversized to hold longer chopsticks, cutlery, crochet hooks, knitting needles, or any item up to 12" (30 cm) long.  It can carry several chopsticks at once, too.

So even if you have a bigger family, you can still carry chopsticks/cutlery for everyone in your family.  Here, I placed 6 pairs of chopsticks (or 12 chopsticks) inside and rolled it up easily.

Here are some close up images of my other chopstick/cutlery holders that are made with different fabrics.

This is a cute one made with pink gingham check x light blue floral prints.

This one is a combination of Kasse Fasset and linen.

Here is my another favorite.  Japanese imported purple butterfly fabric x gingham check in light purple.

So let's go green and carry our own chopstick/cutlery to work and school :)

Thanks for visiting!

***Love, Amy***


Wendy said...

What a lovely idea, these are so cute!

ayumills said...

Amy-san! These are all so pretty and useful!


Unknown said...

Thank you, Wendy! Thank you, Ayumi!

Well, now that I made my hubby a chopstick/cutlery holder, I need to make two more for my girls! But that's not going to be easy, as our girls are super picky about their fabric choices (unlike my hubby! lol!)

PY said...

Amy,I love all of them! Quite sometime ago I came across this type of chopstick/cutlery holder in a Taiwanese lady's blog. I was thinking I will made one for myself one day..., then I saw yours here.....hahaha ! Now only I know this is actually traditional Japanese style chopstick holders.

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY, for your interesting comments :)

All I know is that this type of chopstick holders are traditionally used by the Japanese people, but it may have originated in China! It's so fun to think about the origin of these practical zakka items!

Anonymous said...

Wah so cute.. i want to sew it for my self~ (i hope it's okay /\)

Thanks for the idea.. ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi amy..
This is super cute...
May i take this pattern to sew it by myself.. thanks ♥

Unknown said...

Hi Orejinsei♡ So happy to hear that you like my chopstick holder! FYI the pattern of this project is included in my book, Zakka Handmades, if you're interested ^^ Thanks and happy zakka sewing♪


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