Hand towel apron for my girlfriend

Hello all :) It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Southern California and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

I especially love Saturday mornings because our girls are off to their Japanese language school every Saturdays, and after I pack their lunches and send them off to school in the morning, I can have the house to myself, so peaceful and quiet... although I have to pick them up at a little past noon :P   (My hubby usually works on Saturdays.)

今日は土曜日。 南カリフォルニアは今日も良いお天気です。 
我が家では毎週土曜日の午前中は娘たちが日本語学校へ行くので、朝お弁当を作って送り出した後は一人でゆっくり家で過ごすことができます。 といっても、昼すぎには迎えに行かねばなりませんが、今はこの時間を満喫中です♪ 

Anyways, today I want to show you the handmade apron that I recently whipped up for my girlfriend's house warming gift.  This apron is made of hand towel so it's super absorbent and very convenient to use. I use mine all the time when I cook in our kitchen.

お友達のお引越し祝いにこんなエプロンを作ってみました。タオルでできているのでとても便利なエプロンです。 私も炊事をするときにはいつも使っています。

The ties and the pocket are made of scrappy patchwork made from my stash. 


Do you remember this cherry stamp that I hand carved from an eraser recently? I stamped it onto the ribbon tape and sewed it on to the side of the pocket as "side tag".  I think it adds the *zakka* feel to the apron...


I selected light blue and navy colors to match the light blue/white polka dots hand towel.  Hope my girlfriend likes my handmade apron :)
 水色x白のタオルに合わせて、ポケットと紐部分も水色と紺色でまとめてみました。 お友達がこのエプロンを使ってくれたら嬉しいな。

Before I gift wrapped the apron, I took a quick pic of my twelve year old being a model here. 


BTW... her height is now the same as mine (5'1" or 153 cm) and she continues to grow like a weed everyday! My younger girl (ten year old) is also growing at a high pace, so I can see myself being the shortest girl in this house in the next few years (or even months)... :P  Shall I stop drinking wine and switch to milk all at once?   lol!

長女の身長は今では私とまったく同じ153センチ。次女(10才)も日々成長中でこのままではあと数年で(あるいはあと数ヶ月で)この家の中で一番のチビは私になってしまいそうです・・・。 私もワインばかり飲んでないでそろそろ牛乳を飲むようにしたらいいのかな(笑)。

Thanks for visiting my blog today! Hope you are enjoyoing your Saturday morning.



PY said...

Love the big pocket you added. Your girl is a good model .

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY! I hope that life is treating you kindly and that you're enjoying your crafty moments over the summer :)


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