Drawstring bento bag made from kitchen towel キッチンクロスから巾着袋

After making a couple of *kawaii* drawstring bags for our girls, I made another drawstring bag, this time for my hubby. I used up a spare kitchen towel for this project.


Drawstring bags made for our girls earlier.


I stamped a "Hello" stamp in red ink to add the zakka taste to the front of the drawstring bag. The stamp is from our local Joann.

"Hello"のはんこは、近所の手芸量販店 Joann にて購入しました。 はんこを赤いインクでリネンの端切れに捺して簡単タグを作り、巾着袋に縫い付けてみました。

This drawstring bag is made to fit my hubby's bento box (which is an ordinary square sized Glad container). I fix bento style lunches for my hubby and our girls every day, so we use many bento bags in our household.  We wash them often, and so we need some extras.


  Our girls think that their daddy is too "old" to carry his lunch with a big red "Hello" heart stamped on the bag...


But that's okay, because my hubby doesn't even notice the "heart" stamp anyway...  All he cares about is what he's having for lunch that day (i.e., what's inside his bento box) and he doesn't care at all about the bag of his lunch box... lol


Have a happy lunch time!


***Love, Amy***


Svetlana said...

oh, how wonderful. Love that Hello heart.

Anna said...

Men! A soon as their bellies are full, they are happy! :lol:

Lovely bags! I've been reading your blog for quite a while, yóu are an amazing sewist!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your sweetness!

Anna, you're totally right! I think we all agree that men are made more simple than women...


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