Zakka Handmades Giveaway Winners Announced! and the Monstera Stamp Sachet 手作り雑貨プレゼント企画当選者発表!とモンステラのラベンダーサシェ

Zakka Handmades giveaway winners are: Speckled Hen (Airmail Mug Rug), Jessica (Kotori pouches) and Frances (Flex Frame Pouch)! I will email you shortly... Thank you so much for entering!

手作り雑貨プレゼント企画の当選者発表です。当選者の方々はこちら。Speckled Henさん(エアメール・マグラグ)、Jessicaさん(小鳥ポーチ)、Francesさん(デンマーク国旗のバネポーチ)。ご応募ありがとうございました。手作り雑貨プレゼント企画の詳細はこちらから。→☆

So... Do you remember these Monstera leaf and the Hibiscus stamps that hand carved from an eraser earlier?


Well I made an Eraser Stamped Lavender Sachet from one of the stamped fabrics.


I filled up this sachet with generous amount of dried lavender, using a paper funnel I made from simply rolling up a piece of paper in a cone.


Love the summery feel of this sachet! If you are interested in making your own, the project is featured in my book

Have a great week and hope you continue to enjoy your summer! (I mean winter, for the folks in the Southern Hemisphere, of course :D


では皆さん良い1週間を、そして引き続き楽しい夏をお過ごしくださいね♪ 南半球にお住まいの方々にとっては冬の季節を満喫してください~。

***Love, Amy***

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elnorac said...

Congrats to the winners! And how did I manage to miss this giveaway? :) Your Monstera sachet is gorgeous!


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