Donating My Handmade Zakka for a Good Cause ♪手作り雑貨を寄贈しました♪

Rafu Shimpo, Japanese-English daily newspaper based in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California, is hosting a charity golf tournament on April 7, 2014, to raise money for Nikkei (Japanese American)  community, including the Little Tokyo Public Safety Association, Nisei Week Japanese Festival, Nikkei Games: Games for the Generations, and more.


Front page of Rafu Shimpo today. 

Rafu Shimpo began its publication in 1903. During the World War II, the paper stopped its service for several years due to the Japanese American internment by the U.S. government. The paper resumed business after the war and the publication still continues today.


 I don't play golf, nor I can't make a huge monetary donation toward the upcoming fundraiser, yet I am very honored to be able to donate my autographed books and my handmade zakka items toward this great cause. I donated everything what you see in the above pic :)  

My donations will most likely be used for the silent auction, raffle, or tournament prizes during the event, according to the friendly staff of Rafu Shimpo.  



***Love, Amy***


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

What a great cause! I hope it helps raise a lot of money!

pratima said...

Very pretty, Amy and for a worthy cause! It is wonderful to see old traditions continuing and being supported by the community! Looking at your sunshiny colors brightens my mood anytime!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

That's so amazing! I think that is great that you can contribute in your own way... and in such a beautiful way, too!


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