House pencil pouch ♪ おうちのポーチ ♪


For quite some time, I had this idea of making a house pouch from my original *Children's Pencil Bag* pattern... and I finally had a chance to put it together. As you can see, birds are chirping at front windows, making lots of noises!

おうち型のポーチ作ってみました。原型は私のオリジナルパターンの *Children's Pencil Bag* (持ち手のついたファスナーポーチ)です。御覧の通り、このおうちポーチ、表玄関ドア両脇の窓には小鳥がぴーちくさえずっています♪ 

You can find my original pouch pattern from my book. 


Or you can find it in my etsy shop...


Back side has one "window" with another chirping bird... they like to sing along and make more noises!


Lining is navy x white gingham check.


It's always fun to play around with original patterns and try something new!


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And here are other stuff that I stitched up recently (posted previously on my IG and FB) 

さて、近頃はなかなかブログ更新できていませんが... そんな中でも最近インスタグラムと Facebookに掲載した作品を以下ご紹介しますね。 

Patchwork pouches I made for my girlfriends.These quick gifts were complete with fine soap and hand cream inside.


Then I upcycled my daughter's old shirt to make it into hot pads and coasters... It was such a fun and cheap project (lol).


 Dresden circle that I made from scrap fabrics. I  love working with happy colors; they really make me smile :)


***Amy Morinaka***

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Anonymous said...

That is so adorable and a cute idea!! I'll have to keep that in mind.ha.hah.ah.a

Susan said...

Love the patchwork pouches! You have real talent at mixing and matching fabrics! Gorgeous!

Tomomi McElwee said...

どれも端切れ使いが、可愛いですね。私の端切れの山もそろそろ崩れそうで、なにか始めないと。 said...

I adore your happy colors! Be sure, that they make your readers smile as well! A fabric with kitties is so cute and lovely.


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