My Handcarved Eraser Stamps and More Makes❣ 自作の消しゴムはんこ、がま口、スマホケースなどあれこれと♪

As I was tidying up my craft space today, I laid out all my handcarved eraser stamps on my desk and this is how much I've carved so far! I haven't had a chance to carve eraser stamps lately, but I sure miss making these tiny stuff...


Using few of my eraser stamps, I decorated some cards. 


As much as I enjoy sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, and embroidering, eraser stamping is another favorite craft of mine that I truly enjoy ;-)


And here are a couple of other makes that I recently posted on my Facebook and Instagram.  These may look familiar to you if you've been following me on FB and IG!


Fabric stamps love! I made these fabric stamps from my book. These are so addicting to make! I highly recommend to make some of these if you've got bunch of fabric scraps like me♥♥♥

久しぶりに切手アップリケ作りました♪ 作り方は私の著書に掲載されています。 切手アップリケ、はぎれを使ってどんどん作れます。これまた時間がいくらあっても足りないくらい、楽しい作業です~

Then I made clip purses using purse frames I got from a local 100 yen shop (dollar store).

近所の100円ショップで購入した口金を使ってがま口財布作り。 切手アップリケがポイントです。

One day,  I was surprised when my hubby asked me to make a simple sleeve for his second smart phone, prior to his business trip. (He almost never ask me to sew anything for him!) Unlike our girls, it was super easy to sew for my hubby because he is not at all picky about fabrics! (lol) 


I used fleece for the interior to protect the phone.


Well that's it for tonight... Hope you all have a creative week!

もっといろいろありますが。。。今夜はこのへんで♥ 皆さんもお忙しい生活の中でも少しだけ時間を作って、手芸タイムを満喫してくださいね~。

***Amy Morinaka***

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